Can You Track a TextNow Number and How?

Feel like a detective by tracing virtual numbers to catch spammers!

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, TextNow customers may make and receive phone calls and texts over the Internet using a unique phone number without any cellular network. However, the nature of these numbers raises the question of whether you can track a TextNow number or not. In this article, we will answer your query and discuss how you can do just that.

Can You Track a TextNow Number and How

Can You Track a TextNow Number?

TextNow numbers do not require a physical SIM card or any mobile service. They are sometimes known as virtual phone lines. Due to these virtual phone lines, it sometimes becomes difficult to track a TextNow number directly due to app limitations and legal justifications.

But don’t worry, here are several user-friendly methods listed below for you to track a TextNow number.

How to Track a TextNow Number

Although TextNow does now allow you to track a number without permission, here are some workarounds you can try. It is necessary to use these methods and tools while respecting the privacy of the user.

Note: All these methods have some drawbacks due to privacy settings or insufficient data. So, you can use more than one method to gain more information.

Method 1: Via TextNow App

Tracking a TextNow number using the app itself is the simplest way. You have to check the activity of an active number and its last seen. The users also have access to see when the messages were sent or received from a TextNow number. However, the location or identity of the user is inaccessible.


Method 2: Via Anonymous TextNow Number Lookup Tool

TextNow Number Lookup extension can provide you with information sent from the platform. However, it does not provide accurate information every time. It might require a certain amount of fee for detailed information, or the information can be outdated as well. You can also use other apps, such as Spy For Me and BeenVerified.

Method 3: Via Truecaller

If a TextNow number has a Truecaller profile, then it will be helpful for you to identify the user’s information. The limitation of this method is the outdated data. Truecaller collects information based on the contributions of its users. Therefore, information retrieved from the platform might also be inaccurate.


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Method 4: Through Google Search

Searching for a TextNow number via Google search will provide you with some information related to any social media platform or any online presence. However, not every number is visible publicly due to the privacy settings used by the user.

Method 5: Create New Account

You can also create a new account and text that number to find the person’s identity. To get the right info, you need to tell that person a convincing story and build a rapport. Though it is a tough call, you can give it a try.

Method 6: Use IP Address Logger

The IP address associated with a TextNow number will help you find the identity of the number. It is important to use this method for legal purposes and in ethical ways only. You can use the IP Logger and enter the information in the search bar. Remember, the data retrieved from the IP address should be handled carefully.

IP Logger | Can you track a TextNow number

Method 7: Contact TextNow Support

If the situation depends, you can contact TextNow to provide the information of a particular number. To do so, you need to fill Emergency Disclosure Request Form and send it to

If TextNow finds that your request is valid, they will provide the following information associated with that number:

  • Email address
  • First and last names
  • IP address

For more details, you can visit the TextNow Emergency Disclosure Process page

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Can Police Track a TextNow Number?

Yes, police can track a TextNow number. If the police have a valid reason to conduct any investigation regarding a number, then the TextNow app can disclose the data.

How to Tell if a TextNow Number is Still Active

To tell if the TextNow number is still active, you can see the last seen status of the number through the app. If the activity of the number is not visible, that means the number is not active. But you cannot rely on the last seen because it also depends on one’s privacy settings or if the user has changed their TextNow number.

Now that you know if you can track a TextNow number, you can go ahead and identify any unknown calls or texts. Please feel free to express any remarks, inquiries, or concerns in the box below, and we’ll do our best to respond. Also, let us know what you want to learn next. Stay tuned to TechCult for more informative blogs. 

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