Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You?

Being blocked by someone on social media platforms or messaging apps can be disconcerting and make you feel isolated. Neither can you see their profile, nor engage with their content or text them.

But what about the FaceTime app? Can you FaceTime someone who has blocked you, and if not, what happens?  We have the answer to your query in today’s blog. Read further to find out.

can you facetime someone who blocked you

Can You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You?

Apple users can use the FaceTime app to video call any other iOS user. However, if someone has blocked you on FaceTime, you will not face an issue when trying to call them. But, because you are blocked, the call will not go through.

What Happens If You Facetime Someone Who Blocked You? 

If you call someone who has blocked you then the call will be placed from your side and will ring endlessly but it’ll not reach the other person and they’ll never come to know.

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Do FaceTime Calls Go Through When Blocked? 

Yes, the FaceTime calls go through and it will ring till the end from your side but they’ll not be notified about it.

How Many Times Does FaceTime Ring If You’re Blocked? 

When you FaceTime them, the call will ring approximately 11 times or for 10-12 seconds and then you’ll see a text saying FaceTime is unavailable.

Some users have also reported that the call rings continuously until you stop it on your own.

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Can You Text Someone Or Send an iMessage To Someone Who Blocked You On FaceTime? 

Yes, you can text someone or send an iMessage to someone who blocked you on FaceTime but the block will prevent them from being notified about it.

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Can You FaceTime Someone If Their Phone Is Off? 

Yes, you can FaceTime someone if their phone is off but they’ll only see its notification when they power on their device.

Being blocked can make you feel frustrated and sad at the same time. But, it’s always better to talk things out. 

We hope our blog helped you know whether can you FaceTime someone who blocked you.

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