Can 2 Valorant Accounts Have the Same Name?

Is having two Valorant accounts with the same name possible? Let's find out!

As a Valorant player, you might want to create two accounts with the same name to maintain uniformity across regions and play anonymously. Having two profiles can also allow you to use one for competitive play and the other for casual play with friends under the same username. This article explores the possibility of having 2 Valorant accounts with the same name and how to change your Valorant account name.

Can 2 Valorant Accounts Have the Same Name?

Can 2 Valorant Accounts Have the Same Name?

Having two accounts can serve multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows players to keep their competitive and friendly gameplay separate. Secondly, in the event of a ban or suspension on one account, players can continue to enjoy the game without interruption. Furthermore, players may want to use the same name for both accounts so that other gamers can easily trace them back to you. Is it possible to assign the same name to two different Valorant accounts? Let’s find out.

Can Valorant Name be Changed?

Yes, it’s possible to change your name in Valorant. You can change your in-game name once every 30 days (which is about 4 and a half weeks). There are a few ways to change your name, but you should consider a few things before doing so. Changing your name isn’t free; Riot charges 1000 valuable points, which you must purchase.

However, changing your name won’t affect your score or achievements. It’s important to remember that Riot Games strictly enforces its policies, and inappropriate usernames aren’t allowed. So, choose a name that’s acceptable and doesn’t violate Riot’s policies. Changing your name too frequently may also create confusion for your friends, opponents, and teammates. Therefore, it’s best to choose a suitable name and avoid changing it too often.

Note: You can only change your name once a month.

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Can You Have a 3 Letter Name in Valorant?

Yes. In Valorant, you can use a three-letter name or any name between 3 and 15 characters. However, other players may have already taken your preferred three-letter name, so it’s best to create a unique username. You can make a unique username by using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, like replacing letters with numbers. A short and unique username is beneficial for quick communication in competitive play. Keep in mind that Riot Games has policies against offensive, biased, improper, or unsuitable usernames. It’s also not allowed to use an already existing username. So, make sure your username is memorable and complies with the rules.

Can 2 Valorant Accounts Have the Same Name?

No, each Valorant account must have a unique username assigned by Riot Games, the game’s developer. This naming system prevents confusion among friends and teammates. When creating a username, players should ensure it is not already in use. If an existing username is selected, the game will prompt the player to choose a different one. Riot Games has implemented this to ensure each player has a distinct username, and any inappropriate names can be reported.

Violating the naming policy may result in a request to change the name immediately. The policy is in place to ensure all players use respectful and appropriate usernames. Remember that two accounts cannot share the same name, and if you encounter an inappropriate or offensive username, report it to Riot Games.

What Names are Not Allowed on Valorant?

Valorant has a strict policy against offensive, harassing, unsuitable, threatening, or bashing usernames. Names that promote hate, sexual content, drugs, or violence are also prohibited. Such usernames create an antagonistic environment and may make other players feel uncomfortable, which can distract them from the game. Using such names goes against Riot Games’ community policies, and players who violate these policies may face warnings or bans from gaming. In severe cases, legal consequences may also apply.

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How to Change Your Valorant Name?

Changing your Valorant name is a simple process, but there may be charges if you change it more than once in a month. Ensure that your new name is respectful and does not violate other players or the community. Additionally, create a unique name that has not been used before in Riot Games. Follow these steps to change your Valorant name:

1. Open the Valorant game application on your computer and log in to your Riot account.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the Profile icon from the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Then, click on ACCOUNT DETAILS to open the account management page in your browser.

Profile icon - ACCOUNT DETAILS

4. Now, from the Riot ID section, enter the new name in the RIOT ID field.

5. Then, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Riot ID section - RIOT ID field - SAVE CHANGES

The system will check if your name is appropriate, and if it is, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

We hope you have understood the possibility of whether can 2 Valorant accounts have the same name. Even if you cannot set the same name to multiple Valorant accounts, you can change them alternately. You can drop your queries and topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

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