Why is Boost Unavailable on Facebook? 6 Quick Ways to Fix it!

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The vast user base on Facebook offers great potential for promoting your business. For the same, you can utilize the Boost feature that allows creators to reach a massive audience. However, at times, you may face the issue of Boost Unavailable on your Facebook post, which can occur due to various reasons. In this article, we will guide you through the reasons and solutions for this problem. So, let’s begin!

Boost Unavailable on Facebook

Boost Unavailable on Facebook

Boosting posts can be an excellent strategy to enhance engagement, get new followers, and direct traffic to landing sites. When the Boost button is unavailable, it can hamper a company’s ability to achieve its objectives. However, you can get your businesses back on track with Facebook advertising efforts and continue to expand your online presence by fixing the issue. To know how, keep reading!

Quick Answer

To get the boost feature working again, follow these steps and clear your account dues:

1. Navigate to Ads payment in your Facebook business account.

2. Click on the Billing option in the top menu bar.

3. Now, under the Payments Due section, clear any outstanding balances due.

Why is Boost Unavailable on Facebook?

Here are some of the potential causes of Boost unavailable.

  • Unpaid Facebook advertising charges or dues
  • Running ads via new Facebook ads accounts
  • Issues with security and privacy settings
  • Prohibited content
  • Reports by community
  • Non-compliance with Facebook advertising Policies

Method 1: Try and Use Old Facebook Account

The first method to try to fix boost unavailable on Facebook is by using an old Facebook account. This is because by using an old account you can potentially bypass these restrictions and create a new ad account that is eligible for advertising.

Log in to your Facebook account

Method 2: Clear Facebook Dues and Previous Ads Balance

Another potential fix is to clear any pending dues. If you happen to have an outstanding balance on your account Facebook may restrict your account. To check for any outstanding balance due on the Ads Manager on Facebook, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to Ads payment under Payments.

Click on the Payment tab and then click on Ads Payment | boost unavailable on Facebook

2. Click on the Billing option in the top menu bar.

3. Under the Payments Due section, you will see if there are any outstanding balances due.

If there is a balance due, you can make a payment to clear the balance.

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Method 3: Change Payment Method

Next, you may need to change your payment method to fix boost unavailable on Facebook. This error can occur due to issues with the payment method connected to your ad account. It is important to ensure that your payment information is up to date and that you have sufficient funds to cover any outstanding charges.

1. Go to your Facebook page and click on the profile icon.

2. Click on Settings & privacy.

Click on Settings & privacy.

3. Now, select settings and Click on See more in Account Centre.

Now, select settings and Click on See more in Account Centre | boost unavailable on Facebook

4. Click on the Payment tab and then click on Ads Payment.

5. Click on Add payment method and Enter your new payment method information and save the changes.

Click on Add payment method and Enter your new payment method information and save the changes.

Now, return to your post that you want to boost and try to boost it again.

Method 4: Update Privacy Settings

Ensure that your privacy settings are properly configured to avoid Facebook identifying your boosted post as potentially infringing their ad regulations. If it’s because of privacy settings, you can change them so that the post can be enhanced. You can also try modifying the caption or image you’re using to see if it helps. To update your privacy settings and resolve the issue of boost unavailable on Facebook, follow the steps below.

1. Open Facebook in a web browser and click the profile picture at the top right of the page to see the Account menu.

2. Open Settings & privacy.

3. Head to Settings and click on Privacy and safety to access your privacy settings.

Under Setting tab click Privacy and Safety

Now, make the required privacy changes.

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Method 5: Follow Facebook Advertising Policies and Remove Prohibited Content

Facebook has a set of Community Standards that describe what content is not permitted on the platform. Advertisements are assessed within 24 hours and must comply with Facebook’s policies. If your account has been suspended, it is critical that you follow the regulations to avoid having it suspended again in the future and to fix boost unavailable on Facebook. Inauthentic behavior such as deceptive content is also forbidden on Facebook.

Facebook Community Standards | boost unavailable on Facebook

Method 6: Contact Facebook

If you have encountered the Boost Unavailable error on Facebook when trying to boost your post, one potential solution is to contact Facebook Business Help Centre to apply for a review. Remember that the review process can be lengthy, and there is no certainty that your post or ad will be accepted. However, if the problem was caused by an error or misunderstanding, requesting a review from Facebook may address the problem and allow you to successfully boost your post.

Facebook’s Ad Support page

With our guidance, we are confident that you will be able to effectively resolve the issue of Boost Unavailable on Facebook. Please feel free to let us know in the comments section if you come across any additional issues. We would be glad to assist you!

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