Why Does Snapchat Show Black Borders? How Do I Remove

Are you pissed by the sudden appearance of black borders on your Snapchat? While its cool filters make your snaps look so much better, unwanted black or white borders can ruin its appearance. 

Now the question is – what causes a white border or black bar to appear at the bottom of your snaps on Snapchat? Is it some technical glitch or there are any other issues? Let’s find out and also see how to remove it.

Black Border On Snapchat

Why Does Snapchat Show Black Bars at the Bottom? How to Get Rid of It 

Recently, many users have faced this issue where pictures clicked both from the front and back camera of their phones, when shared on Snapchat, have a black bar at the bottom. 

Reasons behind this could be related to the aspect ratio of the images or display settings on your phone.

1. Difference in Aspect Ratio 

Black borders may appear when the aspect ratio of the images or videos shared on Snapchat does not match the screen’s aspect ratio.

You’ll not see it when you click the photo or record a video directly on Snapchat using its built-in camera. But, when you share a saved image from your device gallery, the black border appears.

Moreover, as Spachat clicks and sends pics with the resolution of your screen, it may be shared with a black border around it if your friend’s screen has a different aspect ratio, as the content is not optimized for that screen.

Click the image or record the video directly within the Snapchat app using its built-in camera to avoid black borders.

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2. Device Compatibility Issues

Black bars on Snapchat may also appear due to compatibility problems with certain devices when the app is not optimized for specific phone models.

Update the app or try using Snapchat on a different device.

3. Black Border Lens Enabled 

Check if the Black Border lens on Snapchat is unlocked and applied. If so, anything you capture will come inside a black bar at the top and bottom. 

Here’s how to remove it:

1. Open Snapchat, swipe right, and go to the black border lens.

2. Tap the lens image with three dots in the top left corner and then on the three dots icon on the right side of the filter name.

3. Tap on Remove Lens.

Click on remove lens

Why is There a White Border on Snapchat?

The white border on Snapchat means that the photos are uploaded from the camera roll and not taken from the app itself. Although it can also be due to the white border filter on the app.

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How to Avoid Black Bars Around Your Snapchat Video

Ensure that the aspect ratio of your video and device matches to avoid black bars around your Snapchat videos. By default, Snapchat uses a ratio of 16:9

We hope our guide helped you understand why there is a Black border on Snapchat and how to remove it from your snaps.

If you have any other queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section, and stay tuned to TechCult for more informative guides.

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