11 Best Snapchat Filter for Muscles

Get ready to flex your virtual muscles with these top filters!

Just like actors use augmented reality and visual effects to enhance their muscular look, you too can buff up for your profile pic on a dating website. The easiest, non-taxing solution being muscle filters. If you wish to read more about such filters, read our review of the best Snapchat filter for muscles.

Best Snapchat Filter for Muscles

Best Snapchat Filter for Muscles

If you are a regular at the gym and would like to foresee your body stature, you can try out the lenses mentioned in the article. These lenses provide specific emphasis to your body and help in getting the best form. Read more to learn about the best Snapchat filter for veins and abs.

1. Bodybuilder


The Bodybuilder filter gives professional attire by imbibing all the characteristics of a bodybuilder. By using the filter, you can obtain the perfect abs and muscles in all parts of your body that would be present after a repetitive workout. To provide a real-time experience of visualizing the six-pack abs, they are presented in the form of an animation. This can take effect immediately if the body is placed within the frame. In short, this best Snapchat filter for muscles is ideal for checking what your ideal physique would look like.

2. Ripped Abs

Ripped Abs | Best Snapchat filter for muscles

As the name suggests, the Ripped Abs is a filter that helps in obtaining a picture with abs over your body. You can get abs in the body when you position it within the frame using this lens in the best Snapchat filter for abs. The major advantage of using the filter is that you can get a body with ripped abs on the arms.

3. CJ Body

CJ Body

Ever wanted to be the most sought-after character in a game? Well, CJ Body is such a filter as it helps in obtaining a body similar to one such character. The famous CJ or Carl Johnson character of the GTA Vice City is used as the base for this filter. Using this best Snapchat filter for muscles, you can replicate the characteristics and the body features of the character onto yourself.

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4. Dog 3D Body

Dog 3D Body

If you are a bodybuilder and a dog lover, you might be interested in the Dog 3D Body filter. This animated filter helps to get the look of a muscled dog while your body is positioned on the screen. This can be visually enriching and give you a different feel of having a muscled body. While scrolling through memes, you might have noticed some images and trolls using a dog with built-up muscles. This filter might have been utilized for the purpose as well.

5. Hourglass Body

Hourglass body | Best Snapchat filter for muscles

As the name indicates, the Hourglass body creates an hourglass effect on the body. Every gym-going person wishes to get an hourglass figure so that, it can help them look trim. This lens reduces the fat in the waist portion and brings the body to the frame. This lens, among the best Snap filters for body pics topic, is popular among women as it helps them achieve beauty standards.

6. Spiderman 3D Body

Spiderman 3D Body

Any fan of Spiderman must be attracted to the well-built structure of the body that helps him with ease of movement. The Spiderman 3D Body lens can help get you the muscles and abs in the 3D effect. The lens renders a view of the Spiderman costume and you can have a look at your body in this perfect shape. As the lens provides an ideal shape of the person along with a costume, it can be categorized as one of the best Snap filters for body pics.

7. Muscle Body

Muscle Body | Best Snapchat filter for muscles

Owing to the name of the lens, the Muscle Body is a lens that helps in getting a body with more worked muscles. The muscular look of the body renders a similar look to that of the fictional character, Hulk. Any Avengers fan might be reminded of the grand and big stature of the Hulk character. This best Snapchat filter for abs lets you have a muscle body similar to that of the Hulk. However, this lens has not gained much popularity among users.

8. HDR Veins Gym

HDR Veins Gym

If you are looking for a filter that can let you have veins running through the arms, you can try the HDR Veins Gym lens. The best Snapchat filter for veins can help you get the desired workout effect. This lens does this action by popping out the veins, but the only limitation is that the color of the picture would be addressed only in black.

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Other Lenses: To Alter Shape and Muscle of Body

Apart from the best Snapchat filter for muscles mentioned earlier, you can try using the following lenses to get a different look on your body. As the main aim is to look fit, you can attempt to use the lenses given in this section to achieve this aim.

1. Blue Body

Blue Body

To some people, looking tall and thin is fitness. If you know someone of this sort, you can suggest the Blue Body filter to him or her. This lens gives an elongated body and alters the ratio of the body parts. The only limitation that can be seen in the lens is the unanimous blue color in the body. People who are in love with the Smurfs cartoon characters might prefer this lens.

2. Luca 3D Body

Luca 3D Body | Best Snapchat filter for muscles

The Luca 3D Body is a lens that helps us obtain the perfect 3D rendering of the body in an animated version. It gives out the output in the 3D picture format and you can see how you would look in a fit body.

3. Pear Body

Pear Body

It is human nature that, we would not go to the gym unless we look fat. The Pear Body lens can help you get a sense of urgency. The lens gives you the effect of a giant pear on your body. As this lens has been not effective in solving the purpose, it is not so overwhelming.

How to Use Snapchat Muscle Filter

Now that we have seen a few Snapchat filters to help us get the picture with body muscles and abs, let us move on to learning the method to use them. To use the best Snapchat filter for muscles, you have to install the app from the Play Store on Android phones.

Note: To explain the instructions in the section, a Samsung Galaxy A21s phone is utilized. Hence, the settings may differ on your phone based on the manufacturer.

1. Swipe up the home screen and open the Snapchat app.

2A. In the Camera section, scan the snap code available for any specific snap filter.

2B. Tap on the search icon at the top of the Camera section.

Tap on the search icon at the top of the Camera section

3. Search for the specific Snapchat muscle filter in the search bar.

Search for the specific Snapchat muscle filter in the search bar | Best Snapchat filter for muscles

4. Tap on the shutter icon at the bottom and ensure to take the snap in a properly lit area.

Note: It is best to place the full body in the frame to avoid any missing features.

Tap on the shutter icon at the bottom

We hope this guide has helped you use the best Snapchat filter for showcasing those muscles. Please spend a few minutes to return your suggestions and queries in the comments section below. We would be happy to read them!

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