30 Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

Minecraft survival houses combine function and beauty, from cozy cabins to sprawling mansions. Create your own unique abode with all the necessary amenities for a rewarding and engaging experience.

Minecraft survival houses are designed to provide protection and refuge from the dangers of the game’s environment. These structures can range from simple wooden shelters to complex and ornate homes or castles. Standard features of such homes include beds, storage spaces, enchantment areas, and waste disposal units. With the ability to tap into your creativity and knowledge, you can now build your own virtual survival homes with the ideas given in this guide.

Best Minecraft Survival Houses

Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

In order to help you build the best Minecraft survival houses to defend yourself in the game, we are here today to provide you with some suggestions. We have the best Minecraft survival house Ideas we think you’ll like, so please hold on to them. Let us get our hands on some of the best survival home ideas.

1. Simple Survival House

Simple Survival House | Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

A Simple survival house is one of the best houses for Minecraft beginners. Generally, such houses are built in a two-story style with a bedroom on the first floor and materials on the second. These houses have a barn for animals and a realistic feel. It’s a great starter pack for anyone who wants to begin building their house in Minecraft.

2. Large Oak Survival House

The Large Oak Survival House is a deliberately created structure in Minecraft that is inhabited by evokers and vindicators. It’s a great location for players to set up their own stronghold as it has plenty of room and is well protected from hostile groups. It also has several unique goods and priceless resources, along with loot-filled boxes.

3. Ultimate Survival Farmhouse

Another one on the list is the Ultimate Survival Farmhouse which is small but attractive. It is a deliberately created structure that is inhabited by evokers and vindicators, among other mobs. The building has a grand entryway, a library, a treasure chamber, and several rooms on different floors. Players can find several unique goods and priceless resources in the mansion, which also has a number of loot-filled boxes.

4. Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Big Spruce Survival Mansion is a well-liked design for a house in Minecraft, which has a sizable, intricate base with a lot of resources and amenities. The property includes a main house with a living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, as well as a barn with livestock, a field of crops, a storage area, and a small garden. This layout is ideal for individuals who desire a safe stronghold in the survival mode of Minecraft with lots of supplies and comforts. Making it onto the list of best Minecraft survival house ideas.

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5. Fantasy Cottage

A common style of Minecraft home design is the Fantasy Cottage, which has a pleasant and whimsical appearance. The pastel hues, flower beds, and other features that give these homes their ethereal, fairy-tale appearance are typical. Frequently constructed in Survival mode, they offer a safe haven with a wealth of supplies and comforts. 

6. Modern Survival House

This one is different from the rest as this gives a modern touch to your survival houses. If you do not like wooden houses then this is the best Minecraft survival house you must try. Large windows for natural light, various rooms for diverse purposes, and a fortified exterior to guard against hostile crowds are common elements of the design of a modern survival house. In order to increase their effectiveness, modern survival houses might also include elements like mob traps and automated crops.

7. Mansion

A mansion-style survival home is a particular kind of structure composed of wood, quartz, and other elements. Often, they are made to be opulent and pleasant while also offering defense from violent hordes. These homes frequently have numerous levels, big windows for natural light, roomy rooms for various purposes, and a fortified exterior. 

8. House inside the Nether

House inside the Nether

Although the Nether is a deadly location in Minecraft, it also has some of the nicest and most interesting dwellings. The Bastion Remnant, a building made up of multiple towers and bridges that can be discovered in the Nether, is among the most impressive and mind-blowing. Players can find a variety of loot boxes and other items inside the Bastion Remnant, as well as some special blocks like Glow Stone and Nether Brick.

9. Skull Mountain Base

Similar to the previous one, Skull Mountain Base is a unique and impressive Minecraft house. Alone with an intricate interior, the entrance is a massive skull that acts as a doorway to the base. Players will discover a large, intricate base with a number of chambers, hallways, and passageways inside. Those who wish to give their Minecraft world a little personality should check out this creation. It is also ideal for people seeking a fascinating base to explore and make things in. 

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10. Piglin Shaped House

A well-known Minecraft house design that is based on the game’s Piglin mob is called the Piglin Shaped House. This construct is a fun and original approach to giving your Minecraft environment some personality. It has a Piglin-shaped house with a distinctive entrance, a roomy interior with many halls and rooms, and a secret basement. The build is ideal for gamers who want to give their Minecraft world a little personality as well as those searching for an intriguing and distinctive build to explore and make things in.

11. Underground Base

One of the best survival housing options in Minecraft is a subterranean fortress. In addition to offering refuge from hostile mobs, it offers a safe and secure location to store resources and things. There are many different ways to construct underground bases, including tunnels, caves, and even man-made chambers. These bases can be strengthened even more using other building materials and accessories like obsidian, iron bars, and doors.

12. Two Player House

Two Player House

The Minecraft survival house design known as the Two Player House is appropriate for two players. It is a little, cramped house with two rooms, each with a bed, a workbench, a furnace, and a chest. A chair, a table, and a kitchen station are all included in the basic living room.  The Two-Player House design works well for survival mode since it is simple to construct, requires little upkeep, and offers enough room for two players to survive and establish a base.

13. Underwater House

An Underwater home is a great option for a survival Minecraft house since it offers a safe and protected setting while also enabling you to avoid being discovered by hostile mobs. With the addition of some coral blocks and other underwater constructions, underwater houses can also be quite stunning and aesthetically beautiful. You must first create a watertight building before using different resources and building blocks to fill it with water in order to create an underwater home. When the water is in place, you may start constructing your home’s walls, floors, and other features.

14. Survival Tower Base

A common base built in survival Minecraft is the survival tower. This kind of base construction often entails constructing a towering tower out of stone, cobblestone, or even obsidian blocks. The player will then require these resources, tools, and other objects to survive once the tower has been filled with them. Along with offering a fantastic vantage point over the surrounding area, the tower should also provide protection from aggressive creatures and other players. 

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15. Extremely Large Oak Survival Base

Folli, a YouTuber, built a Minecraft home called Extremely Large Oak Survival Base. It is constructed using dark oak logs, boards, and signs to produce a very intricate and attractive house. It has a sizable main hall with several smaller rooms, a pond on the grounds, and a working farm. Dark oak logs were used to build the house’s façade, giving it a rustic, unpolished appearance. It also has a sizable tower, which offers a fantastic perspective of the surrounding area. 

16. XL Base

The XL base is frequently an excellent choice when it comes to creating the best Minecraft survival houses ideas. A base known as an XL base is a size that is significantly larger than a conventional base, enabling more vast buildings and more original and inventive designs. Because they offer greater workspace and may be adorned with a variety of materials, including blocks, items, and other things, XL bases are also simpler to use.

17. Japanese House

Japanese House

A Japanese house in Minecraft is a particular kind of house that is constructed utilizing both contemporary Minecraft construction methods and conventional Japanese building methods. These homes often have a door that is centered at the front of the house, small windows, and a low, sloping roof with curving eaves. Typically, traditional Japanese furniture and décor are used to beautify the interior of the home. Several of these homes also feature a koi pond and a Japanese-style garden.

18. 3rd Floor House

An excellent approach to optimize your space and offer extra safety in a survival situation in Minecraft is to build a third-level house. With a third level, you may build taller and include more rooms and amenities, including extra beds, furnaces, workbenches, and storage. Also, having a third level gives you an extra measure of defense from hostile mobs and gives you a place to hide if necessary. Third-story houses also look beautiful and may be embellished with a variety of materials and building blocks to give your house a distinctive and individual character.

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19. Ravine House

A Minecraft house design called a ravine house which could be considered among the best Minecraft survival house ideas, built around a ravine, usually offering an eye-catching and distinctive perspective. As it can offer a secure haven from dangerous crowds and permit a wonderful perspective of the surrounding area, this sort of dwelling is extremely well-liked in survival mode. Constructing a ravine house is a terrific way to add character and uniqueness to your survival home while also creating a secure place to live.

20. Desert House

A desert house is a fantastic design for a survival Minecraft home since it offers a distinct and intriguing appearance and protects you from dangerous monsters. Typically, deserts are rich in resources such as sand, coal, iron, and diamond ore, and the open terrain offers a good perspective of the surroundings. However, as the desert environment is exceptionally hostile and more defense against hostile critters is required, building a desert house necessitates some additional planning.

21. Stone House

In the world of Minecraft, stone homes are a great option for survival housing. They are durable and challenging to shatter, which gives them considerable defense against hostile mobs. They are also quite simple to construct, requiring only a few simple tools and stone blocks. Many players find stone houses to have a particular visual appeal, and they may be built to be fairly enormous, providing plenty of space for all of your necessities.

22. Fortress House

A Fortress house is one of the survival houses in Minecraft. In the survivor mode, players can use this huge, multi-story building as their base or residence. They may accommodate a variety of objects or animals, and they frequently have spacious interiors that can be utilized for storage. Because they can be furnished with furniture, building blocks, and other ornamental elements to give them a distinctive appearance, fortress homes are also well-liked for their aesthetic value.

23. Medieval House

Medieval House | Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

The majority of medieval homes in the video game Minecraft are constructed out of stone, wood, or cobblestone. They can be constructed in a wide range of sizes and styles and may have extras like towers, balconies, and slanted roofs. Villages and artistic settings both frequently feature medieval homes. A medieval home’s overall design frequently depends on the player’s preferences because different materials can be employed to produce a variety of effects. Large windows, wooden doors, and a fireplace are typical characteristics of a medieval home.

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24. Spruce House

It is a large, sturdy structure built of spruce wood, perfect for offering shelter and defense against the weather. In a world of survival, the Spruce House is a fantastic method to build a base of operations because it is both aesthetically beautiful and robust. Due to its strength, longevity, and resistance to rot and decay, spruce is a fantastic building wood and a wonderful option for a long-term survival home. Spruce is also a cheap alternative for building a shelter in a survival environment because it is reasonably simple to find. 

25. Ocean House

Ocean Homes are buildings created specifically for the purpose of surviving in the ocean in the video game Minecraft. These homes are primarily built underwater, on or near the ocean floor, and are composed of materials that can survive the pressure and dampness of the ocean. To help players survive in the ocean, these houses often have glass windows, airlocks, and a variety of equipment, supplies, and crafting stations. 

26. Cottage

Cottage House | Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas

Cottage-style small size, a rustic appearance, and a homey feeling are the typical traits of Minecraft homes. They typically have thatched roofs and small windows, which give them a pleasant, quaint appearance. They are typically constructed of natural materials like wood and stone. Because they are simple to construct and offer a sense of security and comfort, cottages are excellent for surviving. 

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27. Mangrove Starter House

The Mangrove biome in Minecraft is a special biome that is frequently disregarded, although it can give players an excellent basis. The player can construct a home that looks natural and has lots of space to explore and expand because the mangrove environment is covered in lush flora. The Mangrove biome is an excellent spot to gather resources and establish a successful base because it contains a lot of water sources and a diversity of creatures. 

28. Fantasy Mansion

A fantasy mansion is a particular kind of construction that is intended to give users an affluent, luxury residence in the context of the finest Minecraft survival house. The lavish design, minute detailing, and numerous rooms found in fantasy homes are usual. They are frequently expensive to construct and are typically found in biomes like mesas, savannas, and dark oak woods. Several of them also include distinctive elements like buried treasures and secret passages. 

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29. Mountain-Side House

Since they offer a distinctive and lovely fusion of nature and architecture, mountain-side residences are some of the nicest houses in Minecraft to create. They have exquisite characteristics like stone walls, sloping roofs, and balconies and are carved into the mountainside. Mountainside residences frequently offer breathtaking panoramas of the surroundings, and the natural setting in which they are constructed gives the home a distinctive appearance. Building a mountainside house can be difficult and challenging, therefore it provides the player with a sense of success.

30. 3-floor White Container House

3-floor White Container House

A three-story white container house is a sizable structure made of white containers that are stacked on top of one another and positioned side by side. A lot of living space can be provided by a home of this design without using up a lot of lands. It can also be employed to design a singular living place with lots of intriguing elements. A kitchen, living room, and storage space are often found on the bottom floor while bedrooms and bathrooms are found on the upper floors.

In the end, we have arrived at the conclusion of the Best Minecraft Survival House ideas. There are so many different types of houses you can choose for yourself. The best Minecraft survival house is one that is customized to fit your needs and preferences. However, here are our top 3, Japanese House, Fantasy Cottage, and Stone House. Do let us know in the comments section which one would you prefer.

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