9 Best Google Snake Game Mods

Love Google Snake? Now try these great mods for a better gaming experience!

Very few people know that the famous browser, Google Chrome has some hidden games as well that you can play. Google Snake Game is one such popular game, it was inspired by the legendary old Snake game that people used to play on Nokia phones. Users can also use various mods to enhance the experience. In this article, we will talk about some of the best Google Snake game mods that you must try.

Best Google Snake Game Mods

List of Best Google Snake Game Mods

You can access the game by simply searching for Google Snake in the browser. However, the additional mods can significantly help you enhance the gaming experience. The players can make the snake go invisible, there is also an option to adjust the speed of the game. One can also change the theme of the game to dark mode. Let’s find out some of the best game mods.

1. Google Snake Menu Mod

Google Snake Menu Mod

The Google Snake menu mod is an all-rounder mod that has been developed by the DarkSnakeGang, it helps the player to add multiple elements in the game, these elements make the game extremely interesting. The mod changes the entire game map, it brings in more obstacles, more characters can also be added to the game using this mod, and adjusts the speed of the game. You can use the same mod to remove the obstacles that were previously added by you. This mod can completely revamp the game according to your needs and preferences. It is available on both mobile and PC versions of the game. This is one of the best Google Snake game mods.

2. Dark Mode Mod

The Dark mode mod is basically an important feature that is available on both the PC and mobile phone versions of the game. The dark mod has an aesthetic outlook for the game and many players find it comfortable for their eyes as well. By default, the Google Snake game has no dark theme, it only runs in the light mode only. If you’re someone who wants to enjoy the game in the dark theme then you can use this mod. The mod doesn’t only let you change the theme to dark but it lets you change the theme to other colors as well. This is an interesting mod among the Google Snake mods.

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3. Change Board Size Mod

Change Board Size Mod

The walls are basically the obstacles in the game. There are times when the walls irritate us during the gameplay. The change board size mod removes the walls that act as obstacles and lets you move freely in one direction because now the snake will hit anything and die. The size of the board changes according to your preference. By using this mod, you do not feel constrained by the wall. The mod lets you do whatever you want to do with the board. The board can be maximized as much as possible. This is one of the best Google Snake game mods.

4. Mouse Mod for Google Snake

Mouse Mod for Google Snake

The keyboard is generally used to play Google Snake on the PC. The snake moves in a linear direction due to the usage of the keyboard. That means it will only move left, right, up down. But the Mouse Mod for Google Snake helps the players to move the snake around the board with ease. The snake moves according to the mouse cursor’s movement. This is a useful mod among the Google Snake mods. The gameplay becomes much easier with mouse control being added due to the Mouse mod. The confinement to the grid ends and the snake can move in non-linear directions as well which adds fun to the game.


With AIYIWOWTGWL mod the snake becomes invisible when the user’s internet connection is off. The game keeps loading while the snake is invisible. The invisible snake is a fun thing for many players. Even though the snake is invisible, it’s a challenge for the player to make the right moves if they wish to reach the next level in the game. The mod is available for both mobile and PC players. This is one of the best Google Snake mods.

6. TimeKeeper Mod

TimeKeeper Mod

The TimeKeeper Mod is basically a mod that records your fastest time to complete a level and the high scores achieved by you. By default, Google Snake doesn’t keep a record of your achievements in the game but if a player wishes to have his scores recorded then they can use this bot. This is a very useful mod as it adds to the competitiveness of the game. The HTML file has to be imported as a bookmark so that the mod works efficiently. The mod is available for PC players and mobile players.

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7. GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner


To remove the walls on the Google Snake Game you can use the GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner. Once you use this mod all the walls in the game are removed and you are able to play the game for a longer duration without worrying about your collapse against the wall. To lose the game there’s only one way that is if the snake touches its own body or its own tail. As there are no obstructions the length of the snake will only increase. The mod is available for both mobile players and PC players. This is one of the best Google Snake mods.

8. Animated Colours Mod

Animated Colours Mod

There are times when we get bored of the regular board colors of the Google Snake game and here the Animated Colors mod can help you. The mod allows you to add some animated colors to the board, the pattern in which the colors appear on the board can also be changed by the player. The board with animated color looks more visually appealing, attractive, and interesting than the regular board. The frame rate of the game can also be decided by the mod. This mod is available for PC players and Mobile players.

9. DVD Screensaver Mod

DVD Screensaver Mod

With the DVD Screensaver Mod, the snake bounces like a DVD logo. The DVD logo color can also be customized and you can set the dark mode or any other color of your choice for the DVD logo. The mod is available for mobile players and PC players. This is one of the best Google Snake mods.

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The above-mentioned are some of the best Google Snake game mods that can be used in the game to customize the gameplay. These mods can be used to add different colors, elements, and other elements to make the entire gameplay interesting. These Google Snake mods work perfectly well on the PC as well as on mobile devices. If you’ve any queries regarding the mods mentioned above you can ask us using the comment section below.

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