5 Best FPS Counters For Windows 10

If you are a video gamer, you will know how important Frames Per Second is for a pleasant & smooth gaming experience. Games operate at a specific frame rate and the number of frames displayed per second is referred to as FPS. The greater the frame rate, the better the game quality. Action moments in a game with a lower frame rate are usually choppy. Similarly, better FPS will help achieve an enhanced streaming experience. You will need to have compatible hardware which must be available for usage by the game. Read our list of 5 best free FPS counter for Windows 10.

5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

5 Best FPS Counters For Windows 10

There are a variety of different things that might cause game FPS to drop. If you feel that it’s not adequate or that it drops too frequently, an FPS counter can be added to keep track of it. The frame rate of a game is displayed via a frames-per-second overlay counter. Frame rate counters are available on a few VDUs.

Gamers that want to stay on top of their PC capabilities are increasingly using frame rate counters. The majority of gamers strive to increase it since a higher FPS number equates to better performance. You may use it too, to monitor the performance of your computer while gaming & streaming.

How to Measure FPS

The total performance of every game you try to play is determined by the hardware capabilities of your PC. The number of frames rendered by your graphics hardware, including GPU and Graphics Card, in one second, is measured in frames per second. If you have a low frame rate, such as less than 30 frames per second, your game will lag a lot. You may improve the same by upgrading your graphics card or lowering the in-game graphical settings. Read our guide on 4 Ways to Check FPS In Games to learn more.

Since there is a variety of FPS counter Software to choose from, you might get confused. Some of them are excellent, while others are not. That is why we have compiled this list of Top FPS counter in Windows 10.


FRAPS is the first and oldest FPS counter on this list, having been released in 1999. It is arguably the most widely used best FPS counter Windows 10. Users may capture pictures and even record games while the FPS is shown on the screen as well. This is benchmarking software that can be used to add a frame rate counter to DirectX or OpenGL games as it supports games that use DirectX as well as those that use Open GL Graphic Technology. Furthermore, it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

FRAPS general. 5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

On the software website, the registered edition of Fraps costs $37, however you may get the freeware version for Windows platforms from XP to 10 by clicking Download Fraps on this page. The unregistered package does not allow you to record films for lengthy periods, but it does have all of the FPS counter options.

Fraps serves the following functions:

  • The first is to display FPS which is what you are looking for. This program can compare frame rates across two time periods, making it a great benchmarking tool.
  • It also stores the statistics on your PC, allowing you to review them later for further research.
  • The next feature is a screen capture, which allows you to snap a screenshot of your gameplay using a keyboard shortcut at any time.
  • It allows video capturing as well to record your games in resolutions up to 7680 x 4800, and frame rates ranging from 1-120 FPS.

Note: Fraps is a paid program, however, there are no restrictions on how you use it unless you activate the video capture feature.

To use Fraps,

1. Download Fraps from its official website.

download Fraps from official website

2. Now, open the FRAPS fps program and switch to the 99 FPS tab.

3. Here, check the box marked FPS under Benchmark Settings, as shown.

Go to 99 FPS tab and check the box of FPS under Benchmark Settings.

4. Then, choose the corner where you want Overlay Corner to appear on the screen.

Note: You can also select the option Hide overlay, if needed.

Choose the corner in Overlay Corner you wish for the FPS to appear on screen

5. Now, open your game and press the shortcut key F12 to open the FPS overlay.

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2. Dxtory

Dxtory is also a piece of software that allows you to take screenshots and record gameplay. The program is ideal for capturing DirectX and OpenGL game footage. When Dxtory is active, games will have an FPS counter in the upper left corner. This program is similar to Fraps in that it allows you to change the color of the FPS counter on your screen. The Dxtory, like Fraps, costs roughly $35, but there is a free version for Windows that you can download and play on your PC for as long as you wish. The main difference is that the Windows 10 FPS counter in Dxtory also works with Universal Windows Platform games, while Fraps does not.

Following are some noteworthy features of this app:

  • The best part is that you can save screenshots in a variety of formats. But, the only catch is that their logo will appear in all of your screenshots and videos. You will also have to cope with a persistent license purchasing site that appears every time the software is closed.
  • The frames-per-second counter can be customized using the Overlay Settings tab in Dxtory. The overlay colors for movie or game capture, as well as screenshot capture, can be customized.
  • It does not affect the functionality of the program, which is robust and adaptable, but it does offer a certain visual appeal.
  • Furthermore, its codec is capable of recording the real pixel data in the same manner. With the lossless video source, you may get greater quality.
  • What is more, employing the high-bitrate capture feature, may boost writing speed in an environment including two or more storage.
  • It also supports VFW codecs, allowing you to select your preferred video codec.
  • Furthermore, the captured data may be utilized as a video source for the DirectShow interface.

To use Dxtory, follow the given steps.

1. Download the stable version of Dxtory from its official website.

download dxtory from official website

2. In the Dxtory app, click on the monitor icon in the Overlay tab.

3. Then, check the boxes titled Video FPS and Record FPS, shown highlighted.

In the Dxtory app click on monitor icon, Overlay tab. Check the boxes for Video FPS and Record FPS

4. Now, navigate to the Folder tab and click on the first folder icon to set the path to save your game recordings.

Go to Folder tab. Click on first folder icon to set the path to save your game recordings.

5. Here, choose the file location where you need to save files.

Choose the file location you need to save. 5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

To take screenshots during gameplay, follow these steps:

6. Go to the ScreenShot tab and customize your ScreenShot Setting, as per your requirements.

If you want to take screenshots during your game, go to ScreenShot tab and customize your settings

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3. FPS Monitor

If you are searching for a dedicated professional FPS counter, the FPS monitor program is the way to go. It is a comprehensive hardware tracking program for Windows 10 systems that provides FPS counter data including information about the performance of the GPU or CPU as it relates to gaming. It is one of the first FPS counter applications that provide not only FPS statistics as accurate as Fraps, but also a variety of other benchmarks and overall performance of your hardware while your game is running.

Following are some uses of the FPS Monitor.

  • You may make the most of it with an overlay option that allows users to adjust the text, size, and color for each sensor you need to see. You will be able to personalize the overlay in a variety of ways to fit your desktop backdrop.
  • You may also choose the characteristics that are displayed on the screen. Thus, you may limit yourself to merely seeing the FPS counter or adding any number of other performance metrics.
  • Furthermore, because PC components impact game performance, such software is required to present facts about your PC operations. You may receive hardware stats using FPS monitor, which will help you figure out if the gear is necessary for your computer or not.
  • Also, in addition to seeing real-time system information in the game, tech-savvy players may access gathered statistics on system performance and store them for further analysis.

Follow these steps to use the FPS monitor:

1. Download FPS monitor from the official website.

download FPS Monitor from official website. 5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

2. Open the app and click on the Overlay to open settings

Click on the overlay to open settings. 5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

3. In the Item settings window, check the FPS option under Enabled sensors section to enable it.

Note: You can also choose to enable settings like CPU, GPU etc.

In the Item settings window, check the FPS option under Enabled sensors to enable FPS.

4. According to the Chosen Customization, the overlay will be designed. Now, you can play your game and use this FPS counter in Windows 10 PCs.

According to the customization the overlay will be designed.

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4. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is a free game booster program that may be used to improve and launch games. It accomplishes this by terminating non-essential activities and freeing up RAM, allowing your PC to devote the majority of its processing power to the game or display. It also comes with optimization tools that might help you increase the frame rate of your games. You will get not just your system frame rate, but also a graph chart displaying the highest, lowest, and average frame rates. As a result, the supplementary FPS chart might help you better understand what the average frame rate for games is.

Here are some other features of Razer Cortex:

  • Regardless of whether you are playing a game via Steam, Origin, or your PC, the program will open immediately.
  • What is more, once you have finished playing the game, the application will instantly return your PC to its previous state.
  • You may even increase your frames per second by micro-managing your Windows platform using CPU Core.
  • It also contains other commonplace apps with two core modes, such as turning off the CPU sleep mode for optimal performance and turning on the CPU Core to concentrate on gaming.
  • Best of all, you can evaluate your game performance with the FPS counter, which runs in the background and keeps track of your system frames per second.

Here’s how to use the Razer Cortex free FPS counter app:

1. Download the Razer Cortex app, as shown.

download razer cortex app from official website

2. Then, open Razer Cortex and switch to the FPS tab.

Open Razer Cortex and go to FPS tab. 5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

If you need to show FPS overlay while playing the game, then follow steps 3-5.

3. Check the box marked Show FPS overlay while-in game shown highlighted.

Note: You can also customize your overlay on where it appears on your game display screen.

Check the box for Show FPS overlay while in game

4. Click on any corner to anchor your overlay.

Click on any corner to anchor your overlay. 5 Best FPS Counter Windows 10

5. While in the game press the Shift + Alt + Q keys together for the FPS overlay to appear.

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5. GeForce Experience

If your laptop or desktop PC has NVIDIA GeForce graphics card installed, you can use GeForce Experience to enhance your games. This program may be used to:

  • enhance game visuals,
  • capture gaming videos,
  • update GeForce drivers, and
  • even add additional saturation, HDR, and other filters to games.

For games, GeForce Experience features an overlay FPS counter that you may place in any of the four VDU corners. Furthermore, by adjusting game settings on their end, this program streamlines the PC gaming configuration process. This program is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Some amazing features of GeForce Experience are listed below:

  • You may post your work on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, among other major social media channels.
  • It enables you to broadcast with little overhead performance while guaranteeing that your games run smoothly.
  • The program in-game overlay makes it quick and easy to use.
  • Most importantly, NVIDIA ensures that updated drivers are available for each new game. They collaborate closely with the developers to ensure that bugs are addressed, performance is improved, and the entire game experience is optimized.

To use GeForce Experience, follow the given steps:

1. Download GeForce from the official website, as shown.

download NVIDIA GeForce from official website

2. Open GeForce Experience and go to the General tab.

3. Turn the Toggle On for IN-GAME OVERLAY to enable it, as depicted below.

NVIDIA Ge Force General Tab In-game overlay

4. Go to the FPS Counter tab and choose the corner where you want it to appear on your Windows PC.

5. Open your game and press Alt + Z keys to open the FPS overlay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there an FPS counter in Windows 10?

Ans. The FPS counter in Windows 10 is built-in. It is compatible with Windows 10 game bar. You do not need to install anything, and you can use the FPS counter to monitor the frame rate by pinning it to the screen.

Q2. How many frames per second does a gaming PC have?

Ans. 30 frames per second is the performance level that most consoles and cheap gaming PCs aim for. Keep in mind that substantial stuttering appears at less than 20 frames per second, therefore anything over that is deemed watchable. Most gaming PCs aim for a frame rate of 60 frames per second or more.


All these free FPS counter programs for Windows systems do not consume a lot of system resources. They are small and light, so your game will have access to the majority, if not all, of your system resources. We hope this information helped you decide the best FPS counters for Windows 10. If you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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