AT&T U-verse Channel Guide

Discover your favorite programs and their schedules with ease in this AT&T U-verse guide!

Are you an AT&T TV customer looking for your favorite TV shows or movies? With an extensive collection of packages and channels, it ensures that you’ll easily find something that appeals to your interests. So, get ready to delve into the exciting world of television and unlock new possibilities with this AT&T U-verse channel guide.

AT&T U-verse Channel Guide

AT&T U-verse Channel Guide

The AT&T U-verse channel guide is a valuable tool that provides users with a wide range of television channels and features to enhance their viewing experience. With this guide, customers can easily find their favorite shows, discover new content, and explore different genres thanks to its easy-to-use interface. It is designed to provide a comprehensive manual about each program, including air dates, and show descriptions. Users have the option to set reminders for upcoming episodes as well. Overall, the AT&T U-verse channel guide ensures that customers have a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

AT&T U-verse Channel List

AT&T U-verse

Here are AT&T U-verse channel numbers and the list:

Note: The channel availability and number depend on the geographic location and package chosen by you.

Channel Name Channel Number
A&E 132/1132 HD
ActionMax 836/1836 HD
AMC 119/1119 HD
Baby First TV en Español 3063
BBC News 207/1207 HD
Bravo-West 181/1181 HD
Cartoon Network 325/1325 HD
Cinemax Latino 846/1846 HD
CMT (Country Music Television)- East 525/1525 HD
De Pelicula Clasico 3129
Discovery Channel 120/1120 HD
Disney Family Channel 335/1335 HD
E! Entertainment Television 134/1134 HD
ESPN 602/1602 HD
Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) 562
Family Entertainment TV 578
Food Network 452/1452 HD
FOX News Channel 210/1210 HD
Great American Family HD 1529
Golf Channel 641/1641 HD
GSN (Game Show Network) 173/1173 HD
HBO Family 806/1806 HD
HBO2 804/1804 HD
Home & Garden Television (HGTV) 450/1450 HD
IFC 223/1223 HD
Investigation Discovery 260/1260 HD
IndiePlex 914
Jewelry Television 428/1428 HD
Justice Central 166/1166 HD
Kids Multiview 301/1360 HD
Lifetime Television 360/1360 HD
Life Event CTD 148
Longhorn Network 611/1611 HD
Magnolia Network 454/1454 HD
MovieMAX 834/1834 HD
MTV (Music Television) 502/1502 HD
Newsmax HD 1220
NHL Network 638/1638 HD
Nicktoons 318/1318 HD
OuterMAX 844/1844 HD
OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) 170/1170 HD
Oxygen True Crime 368/1368 HD
Paramount Network 145/1145 HD
Pets..TV 279/1279 HD
PX Sports 3122
QVC 420/1420 HD
QVC2 421
Recipe.TV 283/1283 HD
ReelsChannel 799/1799 HD
RFD TV 568/1568 HD
SEC Network 607/1607 HD
Shorts TV 1789
Starz Cinema 908
TBN Enlace USA 3078
The Word Network 575
TMC Xtra 884/1884 HD
Travel Channel- East 254/1254 HD
Universal Kids 337/1337 HD
USA Network 124/1124 HD
U-verse Help Videos 411
VH1 518/1518 HD
VICE- West 257/1257 HD
V-me Kids 3058
WAPA America 3013
WE- West 373
Wow 249
Z Living 459/1459 HD

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AT&T U-verse TV Packages and Prices

AT&T U-verse service offers a variety of packages. Here are details of the packages and their prices:

U-family: This plan costs approximately $35 per month in the first year and around $84 per month in the second year. It includes a channel lineup of 50 family-oriented TV channels. This plan includes three U-verse Receivers, one with a DVR.

U100: This basic plan costs about $19 per month for both the first and second year. It offers more than 100 of the most viewed channels and comes with one U-verse Receiver. Additionally, customers also have the option to add more Receivers for only $5 per month and DVR for about $15/month.

U200: This package costs $55 per month in the first year and $107 per month in the second year. This package includes over 190 popular channels, 34 digital music channels, children and family entertainment, news, and movies. This plan comes with three U-verse Receivers, one of which includes a DVR. Moreover, customers can also add additional Receivers for around $5/month and a DVR for $15/month.

U300: This package costs $60 per month in year 1 and around $124 per month in the 2+ year. It includes over 240+ popular channels, including 31 premium movie channels such as SHOWTIME ®, FLIX®, Starz®, and movie channels are included. Three U-verse Receivers, one with a DVR are included. Additionally, Receivers can be added for $5/month.

U450: This package costs $110 per month in the first year and about $154 per month in 2+ years. It includes over 550 digital channels, local channels, movie packages like Starz, and SHOWTIME®, and various movie channels, sports packages, and digital music channels.

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How Many Channels Does AT&T U-verse Have?

AT&T U-verse TV offers a wide range of TV channels, offering customers a vast number of options for entertainment. With over 550 channels available in HD and SD, customers can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience. You can check the AT&T U-verse channel list with the numbers provided above for reference.

Does AT&T U-verse Have Local Channels?

AT&T U-verse channels

Yes, AT&T TV U-verse does offer local channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC, PBS, MyNetworkTV, MeTV, Antenna TV, TBN, HSN, This TV, Bounce TV and more. However, it is important to note that the availability of the exact channels may vary depending on your geographical region.

With AT&T U-verse TV, finding your favorite movies, sports, and shows becomes a delightfully effortless experience thanks to its user-friendly interface. We hope this AT&T U-verse channel guide helped you with it. Feel free to drop your suggestions or queries in the comments section below. Keep visiting our page for more helpful and interesting articles.

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