Android 12 VS 13 Features and Detailed Comparison

Not sure how Android 13 differs from 12? Let's find out

With the Android 14 release just around the corner, users are excited about the new updates. Today, most smartphone has Android 13 or 12 and a handful of users are still using Android 11. In this article, we will show you the rundown of Android 12 vs 13 features and differences comparison and help you understand how far this technology has advanced.

Android 12 VS 13 Features and Differences Comparision

Android 12 VS Android 13

Android is the most used smartphone OS, there are thousands of manufacturers launching new phones every year. Android 12 and Android 13 are two of the most recent and famous versions of OS. Many users often wonder what differences the two versions have. So, let’s have a thorough comparison of both.

Android 12: Features

Android 12
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Android 12 was first launched on Google Pixel 6 phones, it introduced many revolutionary features and paved the way for later Android versions. The following are some of the most unique features of this OS:

  • Material You: The Material You feature integrates the UI theme with the colors on the phone wallpaper.
  • One-handed Mode: As the name implies one-handed mode allows users to just use one hand to perform all activities on their smartphone, this feature was very helpful for devices with large displays.
  • Quick Tap: With a simple back-tap on your phone you could open a pre-selected application of your choice.
  • Direct Sharing: Direct Sharing feature allowed Android 12 users to share media files with nearby devices direct from the gallery without needing Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Low Dimming: A useful tool to reduce the adverse effects of screen brightness, Low Dimming allowed users to dim the screen brightness.
  • Conversation Widget: A widget that allows users to access recent conversations irrespective of the app.
  • Scrolling Screenshots: Scrolling Screenshots or Long Screenshots, lets you take screenshots beyond the limits of one screen by scrolling many pages as a single screenshot.

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Android 13: Features

Android 13
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Android 13 was launched in 2022, as an update to its precedecor. The OS included many new exciting features and improved UI. It also included upgrades to several existing Android features. Let’s have a look at what made Android 13 special:

  • Intuitive QR Scanner: A standalone QR scanner could be launched right from the notification tray.
  • Support for Native LE Audio: Android 13 included native Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) Audio support. This brought improvements such as low power usage and improved audio.
  • Fast Pair: This feature allowed quick pairing from your phone to nearby Bluetooth devices
  • Partial App Permissions: Unlike older versions of Android, Android 13 only requires partial permission to be granted for apps which cuts all other unnecessary permission required. This improves privacy
  • Disable App Notification: Whenever you first install an app you could enable or disable the notifications.
  • Multi-Lingual Feature: This feature was useful for multi-linguistic users, this allowed separate language options for different apps irrespective of the default system language.
  • Upgraded Clipboard: An upgraded clipboard provided a visual cue on the left side of the keyboard whenever you copy a word or sentence.
  • Customizable Lock Screen: There were lots of system options that can be set on the lock screen. The customization options were increased with the Android 13 launch.
  • Improved Privacy Dashboard: A complete breakdown of all activities of all apps logged in a dashboard up to the minute.

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Android 12 VS Android 13: Comparison

Features Android 12 Android 13
Material You Standard Material You Theme Improved customizable Material You Theme
Privacy Standard Android Privacy New Privacy dashboard that gives an overview of app permissions
Indications Not Applicable The status bar can now alert every time an app uses a camera or microphone
Lock screen quick setting toggle Not Applicable This allows a quick toggle to disable apps using a camera or microphone
Multilingual Not Applicable Apps can have separate languages independent of the system language

Android 12 VS Android 13: The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict

Android 13 was an upgrade to Android 12 in all possible ways. However, Android 12 still remains a pioneering OS that paved the way for new, smarter, and better smartphones. From a user’s perspective, Android 13 allows you an even more enhanced and improved Android experience.

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We hope this article helped you learn the Android 12 vs 13 features and differences comparison Keep reading our blog for such helpful guides! Feel free to leave your suggestions & queries in the comment section below.

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