Amazing SharePoint Document Library Tips and Tricks

SharePoint is a powerful and very useful tool for both small and big businesses. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to use the various tools, and users might feel overwhelmed by all of them. So, we have decided to share this article about SharePoint Document Library tips and tricks to help you. So let’s dive in!

Amazing SharePoint Document Library Tips and Tricks

Amazing SharePoint Document Library Tips and Tricks

SharePoint document Library is a special type of list but different from an ordinary list in many aspects. In the library, you can save your documents, such as images, files, PDFs, etc. So basically lists are used to store data and document libraries are used to store different types of files. When you save any information, it is known as an item.

In this blog, we have covered the best ones that will make it easier and more efficient for you to use SharePoint. Stick till the end to know more.

SharePoint Document Library Examples

There are many types of document libraries for different use cases. You can use different types of templates as per your need, and SharePoint has designed them in such a way that there will always be something that will match your requirements. Here are a few SharePoint document library examples:

  • Document Library – Here you can store documents and share them with others.
  • Asset Library – You can store bigger files like videos, photos, and audio files in this type of library.
  • Picture Library – A picture Library is a special type of file where you can easily save pictures.
  • Slide Library – This is a very useful library and here you can share slides. And when you need to present them in a meeting you can easily do that with Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Wiki Page Library – Here you can save webpages and web parts containing both images and texts.
  • From Library – It is a secure place to store all your forms, orders, and reports.
  • Site Page Library – This is a special type of library where you can store your pages.

SharePoint Document Library Limits

As SharePoint Document Library has great features, there are some limitations that you should be aware of.

  • You can only save up to 30 million items in a list or a document library. However, it might seem that it is more than enough. But if you are running a big company, and use SharePoint list as your primary data storage, then it might not suffice.
  • You can only see 5k items in a single view.
  • SharePoint has a very robust search system. However, when there is too much data, it might bring you the wrong results and doesn’t work properly.
  • You cannot use spaces when you are giving a SharePoint name to a document library.

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SharePoint Structure Best Practices

There are many things you can do to make your SharePoint experience holistic. Understanding what you need and what doesn’t is very important when it comes to using something productively. Now, let us take a look at these SharePoint document library tips and tricks.

1. Give Logical Names

One thing that you have to keep in mind is SharePoint and its tools are for collaboration. That’s why everything that you create will not only be used by you but also accessible to your peers or employees. So, you must name every file logically for easy access.

2. Have Different Types of Library

As we shared there are different types of document libraries, you can store all your data in a single one. It not only limits the usage of the tool but also makes the whole experience kind of bad. So, we suggest you use different types of document libraries for keeping the data organized. This is one of the best SharePoint document library tips and tricks you can follow among SharePoint Structure best practices.

3. Use Document Versioning

When you save a certain document, you might have entered the wrong data or corrupt for some reason. In that case, it is frustrating to create the document once again. So to save your time and hard work, you should always turn on document Versioning. In that way, you can recover the previous version of a file.

4. Use Meta Tag

You can create folders and save your documents there. However, we will advise you to create meta tags for your documents. This among the rest SharePoint document library options helps in searching for a particular item easily. But if you are using folders rather than meta tags, then it is rather difficult to search for a particular file, and will take you more time. Why we are advising you to avoid folders? If you are using folders, you are limiting the classification to a particular type only. Meta tags on the other hand are flexible and give you an array of different options.

5. Give Permission

If you are in charge of a particular department and handling the document library by yourself, then it does not only put a lot of pressure on your shoulders but also consumes more time and is not efficient. If you are using SharePoint, then it is very easy to give permissions to others and allow them to edit.

6. Name Properly

This is a pretty basic SharePoint document library tips and tricks. As we said previously that you cannot use spaces between words when naming a document library, you also should avoid using symbols. Let’s see how will it look when you use symbols. Duck*duck&go. Isn’t it confusing? We will always suggest you use capital letters for better understanding.

7. Have Only One Type of Content

We will advise you to have only one type of content per library. Don’t mix up with the other types as it can create confusion. SharePoint doesn’t allow you to bulk tag when you are uploading a file. So having only one type of content can also be beneficial if you want to add tags.

8. Organize Information

Organizing information is very important. As SharePoint is a Microsoft platform, you can easily integrate and use other Microsoft apps with SharePoint. One of the apps is OneNote. You can use this note-taking app to organize your new ideas in a single place.

9. Read Read Read

Acquiring knowledge is very important whenever you are learning something new. It is the same when you want to use SharePoint. If you don’t learn about the different tools of SharePoint, then it is not possible to use the platform efficiently. So, we will always suggest you learn from blog articles, do courses or watch YouTube videos to have as much information as possible.

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How to Access SharePoint Document Library Settings

Follow the steps mentioned below to access SharePoint document library settings:

1. Go to SharePoint on your PC.

2. Click on the settings icon at the top left corner.

Click on the settings icon

3. Choose Site contents from the menu.

Choose Site contents. Amazing SharePoint Document Library Tips and Tricks

4. Next, choose the preferred Document library.

5. Click on the gear icon again.

Click on the gear icon

6. Select Library settings.

Select Library settings. Amazing SharePoint Document Library Tips and Tricks

Read the next section to know about SharePoint document library examples.

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We hope this article helped you to know about SharePoint document library tips and tricks. If you still have any questions, then don’t forget to share them in the comment section and our team will look after them. You can also tell us which topics you want to explore next, and we will try to write a dedicated article on that. You can also save our site to your bookmark for future reference.

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