All Destiny 2 Action Figure Locations in Neomuna

Uncover secret locations and make sure you don't miss out on any treasures!

Hey there, Destiny 2 Guardians! We know that finding action figures in the game can be tough, especially when they’re hidden in tricky spots like Ahimsa Park. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! If you’re ready to collect all the Destiny 2 action figures in Neomuna, check out this article to find all locations.

All Destiny 2 action figure locations in Neomuna

All Destiny 2 Action Figure Locations in Neomuna

Finding action figures in Destiny 2 is a rewarding experience that earns you Neomuna reps and helps with the Season of Defiance challenge. Although it can be challenging, the hunt for these figures is exciting and worth every second of your time. Keep reading to find out more about these figures!

1. Action Figures in Ahimsa Park

Ahimsa Park

You can find the first statue in the area of Ahimsa Park. The statue can be located easily because no puzzle or challenge is associated with the action figure. You must head towards the district and to the atrium of the central giant building having a domed top. Head down to the bottom level and underneath the south staircase you will come across the statue in a small concealed cave bit.

2. Irkalla Complex

Irkalla Complex | All Destiny 2 action figure locations in Neomuna

Finding the action figure in Irkalla Complex is more difficult than finding it in Ahimsa Park. To reach the Shadow Legion in Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign, you need to complete the entire campaign first. Once done, head to the western exit of Zephyr Concourse, take a left past the Cabal, and ascend to the raised balcony’s doorway.

Keep moving forward until Irkalla Complex arrives, then go to the portal, and cross the hole in the wall. Jump on the wall you passed through and head towards the point where three sentry guns are located. Now, attentively jump on a cannon and walk on the right-hand side till the end of the barrel.

A dark little object will appear in the passage where the cannon is being pointed, you can use the cannon to shoot and if it doesn’t work then walk further along the barrel. Repeat the same process for all three cannons you will see the action figure appearing at the end of the last cannon in Irkalla Complex.

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3. Zephyr Concourse

You can find another Destiny 2 action figure in Neomuna on the eastern side of the Zephyr Concourse district. Head to the point near the map. It will be somewhere around the Vex Conflux public event. Next, you will come across a little mini-game that can be easily activated. Kill all the Cabals inside the bar, and wait for the statue to appear behind the bar.

4. Maya’s Retreat

Maya’s Retreat

Maya’s retreat action figure can be found near the great bridge. For this, you’ve to light up the fire in the nearby caves. Head towards the east of Liming Harbor and pass the first bridge onto the second bridge. Climb up until you’re inside the cave, below the entrance of Hypernet Current strike.

On the left side, you will come across the first fire pit. Go out of the cave, take a right turn, and move along the cliff. Drop down the lowest ledge, and you’ll find the second fire pit in another cave. Take a left turn and jump on the rocky platform. Then head to the two big gaps to discover the final pit along with the statue that will appear next to the fire pit.

5. ESI Terminal

ESI Terminal | All Destiny 2 action figure locations in Neomuna

To find this action figure in Destiny 2 in Neomuna, you have to try your hand at dishwashing. Out of the Zephyr Concourse, turn left and then turn right. Come down the slope to the barricades of Shadow Legion. On your left, you’ll find an open restaurant door. Go to the kitchen area through this door and activate the sink. Now, run around to collect and dump the orbs back into the sink.

Amidst all this, sous chef gladiator enemies will chase and try to murder you simultaneously. The enemies can be easily avoided, but don’t forget to put the strand on so that you can get away from them by grappling around. The action figure will appear once you dunk all the collected orbs.

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6. Liming Harbor Concierge

Liming Harbor Concierge

Follow the road to the left side that will lead you to a glowing-colored sign. Once you’re under the sign, make a right turn and continue along the path until you reach a room with a concierge desk. The desk is located on the left side, near a glowing sphere. When you interact with the desk, Vex enemies will appear. The challenge is to defeat them without leaving the desk area. Stay put and take them down!

Where Can We Place the Destiny 2 Action Figures in Neomuna?

Action figures in Destiny 2 can be placed in the Strider’s Gate area on Neomuna where the Hall of Heroes and Nimbus are located. From the main platform jump off to the point where Nimbus is located. You will find a yellow building on the right-hand side. Near the base of the building, you will find a door.

Once you enter the door, you will find a relaxing area equipped with gym equipment and arcade machines. Place the Statue of the Action Figures here and each week you can find clues for new statues that will help you to find more action figures.

In the above article, we have discussed about all Destiny 2 action figure locations in Neomuna. So make sure to follow the directions carefully, and above all, don’t forget to have fun.

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