3 Easy Ways to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel Quickly

Say goodbye to unwanted hyperlinks and hello to a cleaner spreadsheet!

It’s quite frustrating when Excel automatically adds hyperlinks to cells when you put any URL or email address. Over time, your Excel sheet can look unorganized and heavy in occupying storage space. Don’t worry, we have all been there. Today, we will discuss easy ways to remove hyperlinks in Excel!

How to Quickly Remove Hyperlinks in Excel in 3 Ways

How to Remove All Hyperlinks in Excel

Removing unwanted hyperlinks in Excel will help you ensure a clear and aesthetically appealing data display in Excel. There are different methods to remove hyperlinks in Excel 365.

Method 1: Removing Individual Hyperlink

It is the simplest but can be hectic if there are too many hyperlinks within the sheet. To do so, right-click on the cell with a hyperlink in the Excel sheet and select Remove Hyperlink.

Select Remove hyperlink | remove hyperlink in excel

Method 2: Removing Hyperlinks in Multiple Cells Together

Follow these steps to remove multiple hyperlinks in cells from the worksheet:

1. Select the cell with the hyperlink and drag your mouse to select the adjacent cells.

Note: Hold the CTRL button and click on your desired cells to select multiple cells at once.

2. Right-click on any cell and select Remove Hyperlinks.

Right click on any cell and select Remove hyperlink

The hyperlinks will be collectively removed.

Method 3: Using Editing Group 

Follow the steps mentioned below to remove hyperlinks using the editing group both individually or for the entire column in Excel:

1. Select the cell with the hyperlink.

2. Go to the Home tab and select Clear under Editing.

3. Now, select Clear All.

Note: For adjacent cells, drag your mouse to select the cells or hold the CTRL button and click on your desired cells to select all of them.

Select clear all

Your hyperlink will be removed from the selected cells in Excel 365.

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What is the Shortcut to Remove Hyperlink in Excel?

There is no direct shortcut to remove hyperlinks in Excel. But you can use Ctrl + K to open the Edit Hyperlink dialog box and click on Remove Link. Also, you can use Ctrl + A keys to select every cell that has hyperlinks. After that, right-click and select Remove Hyperlinks.

How to Select a Link Without Activating it in Excel

To select a link without activating it, you can use the arrow buttons from the keyboard to reach the cell with the hyperlink or click on the cell and long-press the mouse until a plus icon is seen. 

Note: If the hyperlink consists of a graphic, then press the CTRL button and click on that Graphic together.

How to Add a ScreenTip in Excel

Follow the steps mentioned below to see a ScreenTip in Excel:

1. Select the cell where you want to add the ScreenTip and press CTRL + K to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

2. Click on the ScreenTip… option in the top right corner.

3. Enter the text in the ScreenTip text and click on OK.

Enter text

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We hope our guide on how to quickly remove hyperlink in Excel has cleared all your doubts. Keep coming back to Techcult for more tech-related walkarounds!

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