YouTube Rolls Out Podcasts in YouTube Studio

YouTube Rolls Out Podcasts in YouTube Studio

YouTube, world’s biggest video streaming platform has finally rolled out new features among which is the most awaited podcasts. The announcement of the same was made by Kai Chuk, head of YouTube Podcasting where he said that YouTube has a solution for someone who wants to watch a podcast as well as who want to listen to podcast only. And it has not even been a month that youtube has started rolling out the same.

YouTube Rolls Out Podcasts in YouTube Studio

This new announcement was made just a few hours back on the Team YouTube Twitter. It said, “podcasts are a go! 🎉✨new features on Studio desktop now let you” and explained what you can possibly do with these features which included “create a new podcast”, “set an existing playlist as a podcast”, and “measure your podcast’s performance

The Tweet also added links to benefits and creator tips saying, “learn about the benefits: & get more creator tips:”. But it seems a little odd as the support page added in the tweet says that YouTube Podcasts are only available in United States which has not been mentioned anywhere in the official Tweet.

YouTube also posted a video on its platform where it is teaching how to create a podcast in YouTube Studio. Take a look at it here.

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Also, that “Podcast inclusion in the YouTube Music app is coming soon to creators in the US.” This points out that these features might only be available in US for some time. As YouTube rolls out Podcasts in YouTube Studio stay tuned on TechCult for all new updates release and learning about technology through our immense database.

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