YouTube Launches its New Commercial Music Licensing Resource

YouTube’s new creator product, the music library, and catalog of tracks curated for creators get live. YouTube launches its new commercial music licensing resource and it is now open to all YouTube Partner Program participants in the U.S.

YouTube Launches its New Commercial Music Licensing Resource

At the Made on YouTube event held in September 2022, the platform unveiled its plans to launch Creator Music in YouTube studio, which would offer creators in the YouTube Partner Program access to the huge gallery of music, so they could use it for their YouTube videos even if the music is copyrighted. On February 13, 2023, YouTube enabled Creator Music for Partner Program participants in the U.S., the community post reads.

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Being said that, let us learn about what YouTube Creator Music actually offers. This online destination for music in YouTube Studio allows creators to directly use licensed music from their Creator Studio dashboard within YouTube. That exactly means that any creator on YouTube will be able to license music from YouTube Creator Music by either purchasing a single-use license of a song or through a revenue share deal with music artists and record labels.

In 2013, YouTube Audio Library was launched as a royalty-free music library for creators. It listed a huge collection of free production music and sound effects set for different genres, moods, and titles. Because it was part of YouTube Studio, the music was copyright protected. Despite the fact that the collection is enormous, there are certain factors that limit the selection and representation of any particular song from an artist a creator might desire. But, on YouTube Creator Music, the creator will have the opportunity of selecting the music they want from their choice of artists. They will be able to license it directly and be able to use it. Henceforth, it simplifies the complexities and hurdles of licensing music.

As of today, any song used by a creator that does not belong to him or her is liable to the music license holder. This means that the creator forfeits all revenues generated by the video. That sadly proceeds to commercial music being unused in YouTube videos. However, with YouTube Creator Music, it makes it easy for a creator to earn a license for any popular music.

On the Online dashboard, creators can search for their desired songs and see the associated licensing costs. They can also browse through collections, genres, or moods. Furthermore, creators can search for tracks according to their budgets. In any case, a creator will be able to monetize content posted if he or she uses commercial music, provided that the creator has bought a license to use the music or agreed to pay the artist or label for the music in the form of shared revenue. In addition to the benefits for creators who wish to control the costs of production, the move would also benefit creators who cannot afford to use commercial music in their videos.

This move from YouTube comes in direct competition with other platforms like Tik-Tok for short-form videos. Despite YouTube already providing popular music for use in YouTube’s Shorts videos via its Shorts Music Library, long-form video formats also demand the use of such music regardless of the restrictions applied to owning rights and costs. In contrast, its major competitor TikTok offers popular music for its users, making it a more widespread streaming app. Nevertheless, TikTok has extended the time limit for its videos and is also rumoured to be expanding its own streaming music service.

While YouTube Launches its New Commercial Music Licensing Resource to YouTube Partner Program creators in the U.S., later through the year the service will extend to more countries and also for non-YPP creators as well.

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