Windows 11 Rolling System Requirements Not Met Watermark

It was a period of enthrallment to some while also disappointing to others as late 2021 witnessed the advent of Windows 11 with a remodeled interface and stock of cool exciting features. The first major update was released in 2022. In the meantime, Microsoft has continuously released minor updates, which have improved Windows OS’s performance and user experience by incorporating numerous tweaks and additions. Presently, it seems like Microsoft is working to release the next major update somewhere in 2023. Nevertheless, the update that took users’ PCs in January 2023 reveals a disappointing twist of Windows 11 rolling “System Requirements Not Met” watermark.

Windows 11 Rolling System Requirements Not Met Watermark

Moving back in time, Microsoft introduced System requirements not met as a prompt with Learn more link at the end, inside Windows 11 system settings that would remind users that the PC they are running Windows 11 on is obsolete and unsupported. While the slap was hard, it left an impression of hardware-software incompatibility.

Although we do not recommend using an antiquated PC and hardware system as a daily driver because of obvious security concerns and functional issues. But the boundaries Microsoft has shown to set with the recent Windows 11 22H2 version by adding the absolute on-face watermark is an unpleasant experience for users. Especially for the ones who do not find the need or capability to purchase a new device and upgrade to Windows 11.

Many users with aged computers have installed Windows 11 on them and are enjoying the clutter-free experience. However, it is apparent from this move that the developers are not very enthusiastic about the idea and they want users to upgrade to a new device. The disagreement on our part stems from the motto. We support the fact that very old devices are at potential risk of having their security keys sabotaged, turning the device vulnerable to threats. But it is the user’s choice whether to continue using the device or upgrade to a new one.

While the device was earlier running Windows 10 smoothly, it is ought to support and run Windows 11 in a fine way as well. Officially, there is no statement from Microsoft to pull out basic security updates for the older devices, the move seems not just amusing but a shame.

However, to bring to the notice of our readers who still operate on old devices, this appears to be an A/B test, and not all but some users are seeing the watermark after they updated to the January 2023 patch.

“This watermark wasn’t on my screens before and only appeared after the February 2023 windows 11 update, when I well know that my hardware meets all the requirements and was professionally put together last May,” writes a user on Microsoft official community page.

While there is not much of a statement from Microsoft, there is an official support page for users who are experiencing this on their devices. Last year the message was just an experiment, but the sudden exposure to it gives the view that unpopularly Windows 11 rolling “System Requirements Not Met” watermark. Have you found this on your PC and what are your views on this? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Source: Microsoft Support

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