WhatsApp Weekly Recap May 29 to June 3: Companion Mode, Redesigned Settings, and Group Profile Icons

Get ready for the latest updates on WhatsApp with our highly anticipated weekly recap: May 29 to June 3 which includes Companion Mode, Redesigned Settings, and Group Profile Icons. As the world’s leading messaging platform, WhatsApp has been introducing new features, security enhancements, and exciting updates to enhance your messaging experience.

WhatsApp Weekly Recap May 29 to June 3: Companion Mode, Redesigned Settings, and Group Profile Icons

One of the latest updates is the widely rolling out feature called Companion Mode, which allows users to link their existing WhatsApp account to a second iOS device. This means you can now use WhatsApp on multiple iOS devices without needing a separate account. Additionally, there have been discussions about making WhatsApp for Android compatible with the iPad, allowing Android users to link and use WhatsApp on their iPads. Do check out if you missed our last WhatsApp Weekly Recap. Let’s delve into more features and updates in this edition.

1. Redesigned Settings

WhatsApp is working on a redesigned settings page for its Android and iOS apps. The feature is currently in development and aims to enhance the user experience by providing a more streamlined navigation and improved accessibility to important settings. The revamped settings page will include new shortcuts, such as privacy settings, contact list, profile, and personal QR Code. This update showcases WhatsApp’s commitment to continuously improving its interface and providing users with a more intuitive messaging experience. The release date for this feature is yet to be announced.

2. Redesigned Keyboard

WhatsApp is working on a redesigned keyboard feature for its Android app. This update aims to enhance the user experience while typing in WhatsApp. In the latest beta update, improvements include the addition of the emoji category bar, which allows easy access to different categories of emojis. The redesigned keyboard will also feature relocated tabs for GIF and sticker selection, aligning with the style of WhatsApp Desktop and iOS. The release date for this feature is yet to be announced.

3. Updates Tab

WhatsApp’s iOS beta update introduces the Updates tab, serving as the hub for Status and Channels. While channels are still under development, the revamped tab brings notable changes. Muted status updates now have a dedicated section, and the privacy settings shortcut has been relocated. Users can also create status updates via a plus icon shortcut. Future updates will integrate channels into the Updates tab and display status updates horizontally. The initial version of the Updates tab is available to select beta testers who installed the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS. It will expand to a broader user base in the coming weeks.

4. Group Profile Icon

Group Profile Icon
Pic Credit: WABetaInfo

Group profile icons, a feature that displays profile icons within group chats, are now available to some lucky beta testers again. After a temporary disablement, this feature is being gradually rolled out to more users with the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update. The addition of profile icons aids in easily identifying group members, especially when names are similar or no profile photo is set. Default empty profile photos with matching colors are displayed for members without profile pictures. While availability may vary, the feature will continue to be enabled for more users in the upcoming weeks.

5. Discover Channel

WhatsApp is developing a feature called channels that allows users to receive updates from selected sources. The latest beta update for WhatsApp on Android includes a discovery feature for finding new channels. Users can search for channels by name and apply filters like recently added, popularity, and alphabetically to refine their search. The popularity filter helps identify trending and reliable channels. The feature is still being developed and will be released to beta testers in a future update.

6. App Language – Draft Filter

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in its beta version for Windows that allows users to change the app language within the settings. This update eliminates the need to modify the system settings and provides more convenience for users who prefer to use the app in a different language. Additionally, users can now filter their chats to display only those with message drafts, simplifying the process of finding and continuing unfinished conversations. The language and message draft features are currently available to selected beta testers and will be gradually rolled out to more users in the coming days.

7. New Calling Button

New Calling Button
Pic Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is continuing its interface redesign project, aiming to improve existing features. Following the introduction of the Updates tab, a new calling icon has been added to the group chat screen. In the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update, users may notice a context menu within the calling icon, allowing them to choose between audio and video calls. This replaces the previous action sheet menu. The context menu provides a visually appealing and seamless integration within the interface. The new calling button is being rolled out to beta testers and will become available to more users in the coming weeks.

These updates aim to provide users with a better experience and more options for communication and content consumption. As WhatsApp continues to refine and release these features, users can look forward to an enhanced messaging and information-sharing experience on the platform.

Source: WABetaInfo

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