WhatsApp Weekly Recap June 19 to June 25: Privacy, In-App Chat Support, and Large Stickers

In the fast-paced digital world, staying updated with the latest advancements and changes in our favorite apps has become essential. This week, WhatsApp, the renowned messaging platform, brought forth a host of exciting updates, encompassing both user privacy and user experience. From enhanced privacy settings to the introduction of in-app chat support and the arrival of large stickers, WhatsApp continues to evolve, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its massive user base. Let’s dive into the week’s recap and explore the intriguing developments that unfolded from June 19 to June 25.

WhatsApp Weekly Recap June 19 to June 24: Privacy, In-App Chat Support, and Large Stickers

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating expedition into the boundless realm of WhatsApp as we unveil the grandest spectacle of our Weekly Recap series. Buckle up and surrender to the irresistible allure of groundbreaking updates and awe-inspiring features that will sweep you off your feet. So, tighten your grip, for we are about to embark on an extraordinary adventure where WhatsApp unfolds its captivating marvels, leaving you utterly enchanted in this mesmerizing edition of our enchanting Weekly Recap!


WhatsApp has officially announced two new features: the ability to silence unknown callers and a privacy checkup feature. Users can now mute unknown callers within the privacy settings screen to minimize the risk of scam calls. The privacy checkup feature assists users in configuring their privacy settings to enhance account security. These features are available for both Android and iOS users after updating to the latest version of WhatsApp. Stay up to date to enjoy these new features and ensure a secure and private messaging experience.

Enhanced Media Picker

WhatsApp has introduced an improved media picker feature in the latest beta update for Android (version With this update, users can now select images, videos, and GIFs more efficiently. The media picker assigns a number to each selected item, displayed on its thumbnail, allowing users to easily maintain the desired order of media before sending. This feature enhances the user experience and is gradually rolling out to beta testers on the Google Play Store.

In-App Chat Support

WhatsApp has introduced a new in-app chat support feature, available on the latest version of WhatsApp for Windows. Users can now reach out to WhatsApp Support and receive assistance directly within a WhatsApp chat, eliminating the need to switch between the app and email. This convenient feature streamlines the support process, saving time and allowing for real-time conversations with the support team. The update is gradually rolling out on the Microsoft Store, so users may need to wait for its availability.

In-App Chat Support
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Enhanced Interface

WhatsApp has introduced several interface enhancements for its iOS app through the latest beta updates. These updates include a translucent effect for the tab bar, reminiscent of an earlier iOS 7 design but with improvements. Additionally, various sections of the app now feature rounded corners and small margins, providing a more modern and visually appealing look. Some action menus have been converted into context menus, further enhancing the interface. These updates are available to beta testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app. The rollout of these interface improvements will continue in the following weeks.

Action Sheets

WhatsApp continues to refine and enhance its iOS app interface with the latest beta update. The WhatsApp beta for iOS update introduces a redesigned interface for action sheets. Previously, WhatsApp utilized Apple’s default action sheet design, but with this update, beta testers may notice a completely refreshed look when performing actions such as deleting messages or muting conversations. The redesigned action sheets aim to provide an improved user experience and can also be observed when performing actions like clearing, exporting, or toggling media-saving options. This updated interface for action sheets is gradually rolling out to beta testers through the TestFlight app, with wider availability expected in the coming days.

White Action Bar

WhatsApp is making significant interface changes to align with Material Design 3 principles on its Android app. Recent beta updates introduced a bottom navigation bar, redesigned switches and floating action buttons with rounded menus, and rounded menus overall. In the latest beta update, WhatsApp is planning to introduce a white action bar, bringing a refreshed and consistent look. They also intend to introduce a darker action bar for the dark theme. These changes demonstrate WhatsApp’s commitment to user feedback and providing an enhanced user experience. The white action bar is still in development and will be released to beta testers in a future update.

Advanced Proxy Settings

WhatsApp has introduced advanced proxy settings in its latest beta update for Android. This feature allows users to set up a proxy, which acts as an intermediary between their device and the internet. Users can configure proxy ports to isolate traffic and enhance security. The option to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) ensures encrypted communication. Some beta testers may also have the ability to export their proxy configuration. This feature is being rolled out gradually to beta testers on both Android and iOS.

Advanced Proxy Settings
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Tab Swiping

In response to user feedback, WhatsApp has reintroduced the ability to swipe between tabs in its latest beta update for Android. This feature allows users to switch to different tabs using the familiar gesture, addressing the concerns of users who found the previous interface less intuitive without the swipe functionality. The update also includes improvements to the interface to support Material Design 3, such as redesigned switches, floating action buttons, and rounded menus. These features are currently available to some lucky beta testers and will be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

Pin Duration

In the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update, it has been discovered that WhatsApp is developing a feature that allows users to choose the duration for pinned messages in chats and groups. This upcoming feature will give users the flexibility to select a specific duration, such as 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, after which the pinned message will automatically be unpinned. Users will also have the option to manually unpin the message before the chosen duration expires. This feature aims to provide users with more control over their pinned messages, ensuring important information stays prominently displayed for the desired period. The feature is currently under development and will be released to beta testers in a future update of the app.

Community and Group Icons

WhatsApp is rolling out updated icons for communities and their linked groups in the latest beta update for Android. The new icons provide a clearer visual representation, with the community announcement group featuring a megaphone icon and the community icon positioned behind it. The changes aim to improve user identification of communities and their linked groups in the chat list. These updates are currently available to selected beta testers and will be rolled out to more users in the coming days.

Large Stickers

From enhanced privacy settings to the introduction of in-app chat support and the arrival of large stickers, WhatsApp is continuously enhancing its native desktop app for Windows, as the Electron version will soon be replaced. The latest update introduces larger stickers for select beta testers, providing a visually impactful way to express emotions and personalize conversations. However, this feature is currently exclusive to WhatsApp beta for Windows and may not display the same size on the mobile app. The update will be gradually rolled out to more users via the Microsoft Store.

WhatsApp is a dynamic powerhouse, constantly at work to craft a remarkable messaging experience for its users. With an unyielding spirit of innovation, WhatsApp unveils fresh features like Privacy, In-App Chat Support, and Large Stickers, and eagerly embraces user feedback. These transformative changes not only elevate functionality but also dazzle the eyes with their aesthetic splendor. Remember, the journey never ends, so stay tuned and let us be your guiding star through the realms of WhatsApp’s vibrant evolution.

Source: WABetaInfo

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