WhatsApp Weekly Recap July 1 to July 7: Filter Chat List, Sticker Suggestions, and Rounded Alerts

Welcome to the WhatsApp Weekly Recap, your go-to source for the most recent updates and advancements on the widely used messaging app, WhatsApp. In this edition, we’ll bring to your attention the noteworthy features and changes that took place between July 1 and July 7. From a new filter chat list option to sticker suggestions and rounded alerts, WhatsApp continues to enhance user experience and introduce exciting functionalities. Whether you’re a regular user or simply curious about the latest offerings from WhatsApp, this recap will keep you well informed.

WhatsApp Weekly Recap July 1 to July 7: Filter Chat List, Sticker Suggestions, and Rounded Alerts

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey through the mesmerizing realm of WhatsApp, where our Weekly Recap series unveils a spectacle like no other. Brace yourself for a spellbinding voyage, where extraordinary updates and awe-inspiring features await, casting a spell of wonder upon your senses. Surrender to the irresistible allure of WhatsApp’s captivating universe as we transport you through a kaleidoscope of innovation and magic, where unimaginable marvels lie in wait, ready to astonish at every twist and turn of this enchanting journey.

Filter Chat List

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to easily filter the chat list, allowing users to organize conversations more efficiently. The feature, discovered in the WhatsApp beta for Android update, will introduce three filters:

  • unread messages,
  • personal conversations, and
  • business-related chats.

While a dedicated filter for group chats is currently missing, the overall improvement in accessibility reinforces the importance of enhancing the user experience. The feature is still in development and will be available in a future update. Further details will be shared later. Stay Tuned!

Sticker Suggestions

WhatsApp has introduced a sticker search feature for some beta testers, making it easier to find stickers associated with specific emojis. The feature displays a sticker tray above the keyboard, showing all the stickers linked to the entered emoji. Users can try it out by downloading the Cuppy sticker pack and typing an emoji. This feature saves time and simplifies sticker selection, especially with the growing number of available stickers.

It is compatible with both built-in and third-party stickers, although support for third-party stickers may require associating emojis within the sticker pack. The feature is currently rolling out to beta testers on WhatsApp for Android and iOS, with further updates to be announced.

Sticker Suggestions
Image Credit: WABetaInfo

Redesigned Picker

The redesigned sticker and GIF picker feature announced in the WhatsApp beta for iOS update is now available for all iOS users. With an extended picker view and improved navigation, users can easily explore and search for GIFs and stickers. The update also includes relocated and redesigned tabs for accessing different sections and offers a larger selection of avatar stickers. If you haven’t received the feature yet, ensure you regularly update WhatsApp from the App Store to enjoy the enhanced user experience.

Redesigned Picker

Text Size

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for their native desktop application on Windows, allowing users to adjust the text size displayed on their screens. This feature, available to select beta testers who install the latest version of the app from the Microsoft Store, can be accessed through the Personalization menu in the app settings.

Shortcuts are also provided to quickly adjust the text size, with CTRL + 0 resetting it. This feature provides users with the flexibility to customize text size, enhancing readability and overall comfort while using WhatsApp on the desktop. The update will be rolled out to more users in the coming days.

Text Size
Image Credit: WABetaInfo

Group Suggestions

WhatsApp is working on a new feature called group suggestions that allows users to suggest their groups to community admins. This feature aims to enhance community collaboration by making it easier for members to discover and join relevant groups. Admins will have the option to accept or reject group suggestions, with shortcuts for quick approval or rejection. The feature is currently under development and will be available in a future update.

HD Videos – Profile Icons

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature for iOS beta testers that allows them to send high-quality videos. After installing the latest update, users can select the HD option when choosing a video from the Photos app, preserving the dimensions while applying light compression. The high-quality video is marked with a tag in the conversation, indicating improved quality.

It’s important to note that the feature is not available for sharing videos via status updates. The update also includes enhancements to profile icons in group chats, displaying the initials of contacts whose profile pictures are hidden or unavailable. The feature is currently available to select beta testers on WhatsApp for iOS and will be gradually rolled out to more users.

Rounded Alerts

WhatsApp is continuing its project to redesign the app interface by aligning with Material Design 3 guidelines. In the latest beta update for Android, lucky testers may notice a new interface for alerts. The redesigned alerts feature highly rounded edges, giving the app a modern appearance and ensuring consistency with Material Design 3. This update extends beyond the alert shown in the screenshot, encompassing all alerts within the app. It is part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to establish a completely revamped interface. The rounded alerts are currently available to select beta testers on WhatsApp for Android and will be rolled out to more users in the following weeks. Stay tuned for further updates on the app’s design changes.

WhatsApp continues to make significant strides in improving user experience and introducing new features. The recent updates, such as the ability to filter the chat list, sticker suggestions, rounded alerts, and the redesigned sticker and GIF picker, showcase the app’s commitment to enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, features like HD photos/videos and group suggestions demonstrate WhatsApp’s dedication to enriching communities and facilitating seamless communication. As these updates roll out to more users, WhatsApp remains at the forefront of delivering innovative features and improvements to its loyal user base.

Source: WABetaInfo

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