WhatsApp New Update: Chat Transfer without Backing-up in Cloud Data

WhatsApp Chat Transfer

With the recent introduction of simple chat transfers from Android to iOS and vice versa, WhatsApp significantly simplified things. This capacity surely saves users the headache of switching operating systems, and now that a new feature is being tested by the Meta-owned messaging network, it may soon be included, making it even more convenient.

According to a recent claim from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is aiming to make it possible to move conversations directly from one device to another without creating any chat backups. A new Chat transfer to Android option may be available in the WhatsApp beta for Android version You’ll find this option under Chat settings. Eliminating the need to save chats in Google Drive or iCloud will make transferring chats to a new device much easier. It is certain that the application would not bore you by asking several options.

Transfer WhatsApp chats to new Phone from Google DriveTap Restore from iCloud Backup option

A feature that allows you to eventually transfer data to a different phone without losing their converse history was made available by WhatsApp in July the capability to convert addresses from Android to Apple smartphones. WhatsApp is presently working on a new converse transfer option to snappily move the converse history to a new Android device, for an unborn update of the app.  As the feature is currently under development, there is no information yet regarding when it will be made available. Furthermore, it’s unclear if it will be accessible on iOS as well. As was the case with the latest cross-platform conversation transfer functionality, it is likely that Android will experience it first before iOS.

According to reports, the messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is developing a Chat Transfer function that will let users move their chat between Android smartphones. In July of last year, WhatsApp made it possible for users to switch their chats from Android to iOS by utilizing the move to iOS app. Users were able to change devices without losing their chat history thanks to the feature. Read our guide on How to Transfer old WhatsApp chats to your new Phone.

The Kept Messages feature is another thing that WhatsApp is developing. According to reports, the business is developing a feature that will let customers bookmark Kept Messages in the chat. This feature, according to a report by WABetaInfo, momentarily transforms a disappearing message into a regular WhatsApp message so users can find it in the chat even after its expired. Users will be able to find these communications on WhatsApp by visiting a new section named “Kept Messages” under the chat details page, which is likely to be accessible to all participants in a conversation.

However, you should be aware that backing up your chats is always a good idea and is useful in case your phone is misplaced or stolen. Do you know that you can even transfer your chats and media without backing up? This can be done by using online apps or tools like iToollab or Whatsgo, however due to data privacy & security concerns, most people do not opt for the same.

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