WhatsApp for Windows Introduces Call Link Feature

WhatsApp is working on its in-app experience on Windows, bringing the WhatsApp version up to 2.2307.3.0. Video or audio calls in WhatsApp are features that are loved by the users and due to the constant improvement of the app, now it will be possible to join any call by just opening a link. It is now possible as WhatsApp for Windows introduces call link feature for quick call sharing. To know more, keep reading.

WhatsApp for Windows Introduces Call Link Feature

This new feature allows anyone to join a call by opening the link with just a few clicks. The new call link option is available within the calls tab. So, whenever you need to enable this feature, just open the calls tab section on your WhatsApp app on Windows. When using the feature, you can choose the call type between voice and video.

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According to WABetaInfo, “Thanks to this feature, anyone can join the call by opening the link.” and later adds ”Every time you create a new call link, the URL is always unique so no one can join your private call without your approval.” This assures you as a user that no third person or not anyone can join your calls without your permission. This is just like any other video conferencing app that needs the host’s approval for entering the call.

In addition, you can copy your links so you can share them with anyone within your WhatsApp chats or share them externally in order to invite people to quickly join the call. Although this new feature is rolling out, the ability to share call links might not be available to all beta users but for Windows, it is available on Microsoft Store.

If it is not available on your WhatsApp, try to update the app but if it is still not available, don’t worry as it will be rolled out to more users over the coming days.

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With the call link feature, you can schedule your calls and share them with selected people to join you on your calls. If you want to know more updates on WhatsApp, stay tuned to our page.

Source: WABetaInfo

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