WhatsApp Developing New Feature to Mute Calls from Unknown Numbers

WhatsApp Developing New Feature to Mute Calls from Unknown Numbers

The Meta-owned platform WhatsApp is developing a new feature to silence unknown callers. Adding this latest feature to WhatsApp will bring great advantages to users as it will allow users to mute calls from unknown numbers. If you are getting texts or calls from random unknown numbers, this feature will work wonders for you as you can silence the unknown calls while still showing them in the call list. Want to know more about WhatsApp developing new feature to mute calls from unknown numbers, keep reading.

WhatsApp Developing New Feature to Mute Calls from Unknown Numbers

According to WABetaInfo, the feature is currently under development on WhatsApp beta for Android but it should be available soon in future updates. They said,” In our overview of the newsletter tool, a new feature under development, we explained one of the problems affecting WhatsApp Communities: the possibility of being reached by anyone who is part of the community, since the creator’s phone number is always visible.”

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This can lead to some serious problems as anyone from the community could call the creator of the community, even without any permission from the creator. Fortunately, this new feature that is under development on WhatsApp beta for Android steps up the game. It is the ability to silent calls from unknown numbers.

Users can find the feature in the app settings and once toggled on or enabled, call from unknown numbers will always be silenced, but they will still be shown in the call list and in the notification center. Enabling this will help users reduce annoying spam calls significantly as in recent years, spam calls have become a growing problem with scammers and their unwanted calls.

Spam calls are most used by scammers who can potentially steal personal information or trick people into providing sensitive data. Thanks to WhatsApp, the option to block and report these callers are available and soon users can avoid receiving calls from unknown numbers by simply muting them.

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This ability to avoid callers will soon be available in future updates of the app. As always, we plan to provide you with the latest news on our page. So, stay tuned.

Source: WABetaInfo

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