WhatsApp Brings Four New Features to Improve User Experience

WhatsApp has announced new features to improve user experience on WhatsApp for Android. WhatsApp constantly brings improvement by regularly updating the app and adding new features to improve the user experience. WhatsApp brings out four new features to improve user experience. Read along to learn more about it.

WhatsApp Brings Four New Features to Improve User Experience

As visible from the below screenshot of Whatsapp on Play Store, WhatsApp has introduced four new features to the list. First of which is Document caption. With this feature, users can now attach a caption when sharing documents so you have a new and more precise way to describe whatever they are sharing.

WhatsApp Brings Four New Features to Improve User Experience

Second new feature is to share up to 100 media files within your chats. This makes it easier for users to share a bundle of memories with their close ones without limiting themselves.

Third feature introduced is longer group subjects and descriptions. It makes describing group chats much more fun and flexible. In order to have a little bit more personality for your group, you can now choose a longer subject and description for your groups.

Create personalized avatars is the fourth new feature that is being added to WhatsApp. Now you can create your own avatars and use them as stickers as well as your profile photo. It can be a very fun and customized way to use the app and have a fun time with your friends and family.

These above features are available on the latest WhatsApp version and are available globally. If the mentioned features are unavailable in your WhatsApp version, kindly wait for future updates.

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