WhatsApp Beta for macOS Unleashes the Power of Group Calls

WhatsApp continues to revolutionize the way we connect, and the latest update to its beta version for macOS brings an eagerly awaited enhancement: group calling. Now, beta testers can finally experience the convenience and versatility of group calls within their favorite messaging platform.

WhatsApp Beta for macOS Unleashes the Power of Group Calls

For those who have been patiently waiting, the recent release on the TestFlight app presents an opportunity to try out the brand-new group calling feature. The long-awaited call buttons are finally accessible, enabling users to initiate group calls effortlessly. Notably, the chat header now displays a merged icon, combining group calling and video calling functionalities into a single button, providing users with seamless access to both options.

What’s truly exciting is that this update allows WhatsApp users to create group calls with individuals who are not part of the same group. By simply navigating to the calls tab and tapping the create call button, users can assemble a new group call, hand-picking the participants from their contact list.

Initially, the feature supports up to 7 participants during the call creation phase, with the capacity expanding to accommodate up to 32 people in subsequent audio calls. It’s worth noting that the limits for group video calls may vary.

WhatsApp plans to roll out this highly anticipated update to a wider audience in the coming days, ensuring that everyone can experience the enhanced group calling functionality. This is a great addition after WhatsApp Desktop introduced faster speeds and improved calling to enhance the user experience.

WhatsApp’s commitment to refining its native desktop application demonstrates their dedication to providing a seamless and unified communication experience across various platforms. With the group calling feature now at their disposal, WhatsApp users on macOS can engage in more productive and interactive conversations, bringing together friends, family, colleagues, and more.

Disclaimer: The group calling feature mentioned in this article is currently available only to beta testers of WhatsApp for macOS and may vary in its final release version.

Source: WABetaInfo

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