WhatsApp Announces to Allow One Account on Multiple Devices

The long-awaited feature has finally arrived as WhatsApp announces to allow one account on multiple devices. Users will now be able to share the same account on multiple phones, tablets, you name it. No more juggling between phones or missing out on messages when switching devices. The feature has been named the Companion mode. With this new feature, stay connected with your friends and family seamlessly, wherever you are.

WhatsApp Announces to Allow One Account on Multiple Devices

In a recent announcement, WhatsApp Blog has confirmed that users will now be able to use one account on several devices. This feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks. It is an improvement on the multi-device feature introduced last year, which allowed users to message across all their devices with the same level of security and privacy.

WhatsApp gives importance to the security and privacy of its users which is why they have recently released features such as device verification and automatic security codes, in their blog post.

Read details about this development below:

  • Users can now link their phones to up to four devices. It is similar to linking WhatsApp on web browsers and desktop apps. Linked devices will ensure media, personal messages, and calls, end-to-end encryption.
  • One can switch between devices and start the chat where you left off. If you have a business account, as explained in the official blog post, this feature is especially useful for small business owners.
  • Users can enter their phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a one-time code. They can use this code on their phone to enable device linking, rather than having to scan a QR code.

If the primary device is inactive for a long period of time, WhatsApp will automatically log out the users from all companion devices as a security measure.

Additionally, in the official blog post, WhatsApp mentioned that a new alternative and more accessible way to link to companion devices will be introduced over the coming weeks. When linking an account to a new device, all your chat history will be synced across all your linked devices.

Currently, this feature is limited to WhatsApp for Android. Although the companion mode has been released globally, some features such as the ability to manage broadcast lists and post a status update from the linked device, may not be available.

Source: WhatsApp Blog

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