What is R3 on PS4?

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PS4 is exactly where your gaming dreams come true. Unleash the inner gamer in you and get ready to be blown away. The buttons on the controller give you a next-level experience and understanding their placements will help you enhance your gaming experience.  If you’re someone looking for tips about the same, we bring you a helpful guide to teach you what is R3 on PS4.

What Is R3 On PS4

What is R3 on PS4?

The R3 on the PS4 is a multitasking button that allows you to perform several functions.  It refers to a small joystick that you can push down like a button. It can be used in games for various actions, like crouching, camera controls, or interacting with objects. It adds great control and some extra functionality to your gaming experience.

What is R3 on PS4 Wireless?

The R3 button on PS4 wireless refers to the analog stick on the right side of your PS4 controller. R here refers to the right-hand side. You can use R3 on the PS4 wireless gaming controller.

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What does R3 Mean in PS4 Games?

The R1, R2, and R3 that you see on your game listing in PS4 refer to the region of the game. The R3 stands for the ASIA region. You can identify them very easily by looking at the rating, SKU ID, and distribution code. The R3 button is commonly used to perform different actions like a melee attack in FPS games, including Call of Duty.

What is R3 Used for?

Knowing how to use the R3 button properly can be a great way to improve your gaming experience. Every game developer chooses what commands are to be mapped to each button. The functions of R3 are listed below:

  • The R3 is commonly used to control the character’s movement in the game.
  • It is also used to look around and aim.
  • It often controls the camera.
  • Also, you can easily locate your target with the right stick.
  • You can simultaneously attack targets if they are within range.
  • It is used for melee attacks, crouching, and sprinting.

Remember, some games will use R3 for completely different commands while others may not use it at all.

Where is R3 on a PS4 Controller?

R3 button | What is R3 on PS4

The R3 button on the is located on the right analog stick. However, every button is properly labelled, but you will not see any label for R3 or L3. It is located right behind the right analog stick.

Note: Analog sticks are two sticks near the button of the controller.

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What is R3 in the Console?

R3 on the console is the right analog stick on the PS4 controller. It is super handy for performing various actions in games, like crouching, zooming, or even interacting with objects. Just click down on the right stick and see what cool things can be done.

How Do You Press R3 on PS4?

In order to press the R3 on PS4, push it inwards like a button, you will hear a soft click which means that you properly pressed the R3 button.

What to Do if the R3 button is Not Working?

If the R3 isn’t working in the game that uses its function, then here’s what you should do:

Method 1: Clean Analog Stick

A buildup of substances can cause issues with the analog stick. This can be fixed quite easily by using a cotton swab and a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Now, clean around the base of the analog stick and wait until it’s completely dry to use.

Method 2: Disconnect and Reconnect Controller

Sometimes, disconnecting and reconnecting the controller is the solution to the problem in most of the cases.

Method 3: Calibrate Controller

Long press the L3 and R3 Buttons simultaneously for about 30 seconds and then release the buttons. Now, rotate both analog sticks clockwise five times and then counterclockwise five times. Now press again long press the L3 and R3 buttons for 30 seconds and then release the analog sticks. Your controller’s analog sticks will now be re-calibrated.

Calibrate Controller

Method 4: Hard Reset Controller

If the problem still persists, restart your controller. Turn off your controller and console completely. Now, use a tiny object to press the reset button which is located at the back of the controller in the top right corner. You can also factory reset PS4 without controller as a last resort in case your controller still isn’t working and you want to make sure you have covered all solutions.

Factory reset controller

How Do I Know if My PS4 is R1 or R3?

R1, R2, and R3 that you see in your game are the regions of the game. R1 refers to the US region, R2 refers to the EU region, and R3 refers to the ASIA region. You can identify them just by looking at the rating, SKU ID, and distribution code or reading your user manual.

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Get ready to level up your gaming skills after understanding what is R3 in PS4, a handy feature that adds versatility to your gaming experiences. It gives you more control and allows you to access additional functions without relying on other buttons. Next time if you’re playing a game on your PS4, give it a click and see what exciting actions await for you in your favourite games. Keep reading our blog for more information or leave your queries below.

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