What is Cloud Printing?

Well, you might have heard about cloud kitchen, cloud storage, and even cloud computing, but cloud printing? No, it’s not a joke; there is really a thing called cloud printing! And that is not what the name suggests. Clouds don’t print documents for you. However, if you want to know what is cloud printing and the benefits of cloud printing, stick to the end of this article. You will also learn what is cloud print used for, how cloud printing works, and whether is cloud printing safe or not.

What is Cloud Printing?

What is Cloud Printing?

You will get to know what is cloud printing further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What is Cloud Printing?

To understand cloud printing technology, first, you have to understand what is cloud. You might think that it refers to the clouds above our heads, but that’s not the case. Cloud refers to the technology that enables access to something in the distance.

When we refer to cloud printing, we are just saying that we are accessing the printer from a distance. With the help of this modern technology, and by just installing their software, you can send a file to the server of the cloud printing service you are using. As it is connected to your printer, it can print the document for you. It is a service that connects any device like a smartphone, computer, or smartphone to the print station. You just need to share the file which you want to print in the network and then no matter where you are, you can easily print the file.

Let us now share with you an example. It will help you to understand it more clearly:

Let’s suppose you are on the bus and one of your colleagues sends an important document to your smartphone. You know that after reaching the office you are going to need to print it. However, with the help of cloud printing, this can be done easily. Now no one has to wait until they will reach their office to print something. With the help of the internet, one can easily send a file to an office printer and then print it. So, it will be ready to use after he reaches the office. Which is not only convenient but also very helpful.

But yes, don’t get the wrong idea, cloud print is not only for professional use, you can only use it in offices. One can also utilize this technology for personal use. For example, let’s say your child is born and you clicked her picture. You want a physical version of that picture, so by using cloud printing the process becomes very easy. And after reaching home a printed picture copy of your newborn will be waiting for you.

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How Cloud Printing Works?

The method that this technology uses is really simple.

  • First, you need to download software. Sometimes other connector software needs to be downloaded.
  • After that, you have to upload the file to the cloud printing app.
  • And the app will upload it to their server.
  • Then the app will send it to the printer to print.

So this is how the magic will happen. The document will be waiting for you!

What are the Benefits of Cloud Printing?

There are many benefits of using cloud printing instead of the old traditional method. It is a modern method of doing things.

  • Convenient – The best thing about cloud printing is the convenience. No matter where you are if you can access the internet then the print is possible. That’s why this can be a lifesaver for many.
  • Connectivity – Let’s say that you have a printer in your office that is connected to a computer or laptop. However, you want to avail this printer to all the employees so they can easily print their files too. Here it can be a savior. With the help of this technology, you can easily print from multiple devices.
  • Simplicity – The old method to print your important documents has many hassles. For example, you have to download drivers, be near the printer, connect it to the PC with cable, and so on. However, if you are using cloud printing then the only tools one need is the software and a stable internet connection.
  • Cost Effective Solution – The best thing about using this modern technology is cost-effectiveness. When you use this service, you don’t need to use lots of cables, and other hardware and software. If a company develops its own infrastructure for its printing needs, then it can be way costlier than using this modern technology to print.
  • Eco-Friendly – One of the biggest problems in our 21st century is the environmental crisis. Cloud printing help companies reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why it is an eco-friendly solution to the traditional method.
  • Compatibility – This technology also eliminates the problem of not having a compatible device or handling multiple wires or even connectivity issues. To use this service all you need is access to the internet.

We hope that now you know what are the benefits of cloud printing. One of the best services that provide this technology, is Google Cloud Printing. However, is it still exist? Let’s find out.

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What is Google Cloud Printing?

However, the technology is still in the developing phase. Google actually introduced its own Cloud printing technology, Google Cloud Print, where you only needed to have a Google account to use their service. However, this is now discontinued after December 31, 2020.

But there are other players in the market who are partnering with the printer makers to avail their services to businesses and the normal public. A prime example of this is UniPrint. They are doing a great job in this sector.


Is Cloud Printing Safe?

Yes! It is not an illogical question. You might think that when you share files with the printer using a cloud printing service, then some hacker or cyber attacker might intercept them. However, it is very unlikely. And if you think very hard, then every file you share via the internet is in danger!

For example, you share your important file via email. And as one needs the internet to use an email service, then someone might attack your file. However, email providers know this and develop their services keeping that in mind. So, it is not the question if it is safe. The real question is, the service you are using that provides this is safe or not? And most of them are, actually. Because safety is a fundament feature of the cloud printing architecture. That’s why we can say that it is highly unlikely that the service you are using isn’t safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is cloud printing?

Ans. No, you cannot print from the cloud, rather we call cloud printing a service that enables you to print files from a distance.

Q2: Is cloud printing only for businesses?

Ans. No. Anybody with access to the internet can use this service.

Q2: What is cloud print used for?

Ans. You can use cloud printing to print your important documents. The best thing about this is that it is accessible with the help of the internet, which gives us the option to print our files from a distant location.

Q3: Is Cloud Print Safe?

Ans. Yes. Cloud print is safe as one of the fundamental pillars of this technology is safety.

Q4: Can we still use Google Cloud Print?

Ans. No. It is discontinued after December 31. 2021.

Q5: Are there any alternatives for Google Cloud Print?

Ans. Yes, there are quite a many. Like DirectPrint, PrintCut, Printix, etc.

Printix | What is Cloud Printing?


We hope that you learned about what is cloud printing and its benefits. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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