What does ISK Mean on Snapchat?

Shed light on the usage of ISK within the vibrant messaging culture of Snapchat

We often find it easier to communicate in short and quick messages online. Have you ever come across a Snapchat text with a strange abbreviation like ISK? Is it a long-awaited confession, a witty remark, or something more meaningful? Let’s put all your confusion to an end with this article.

What does ISK Mean on Snapchat

What does ISK Mean on Snapchat?

Interestingly, ISK is an abbreviation commonly used on Snapchat for I Don’t Know. You might find this funny as where does D come from? However, ISK is a misspelled version for IDK. Seems like someone made a typo and no one corrected it ever. That’s not it. ISK is used in multiple other ways across social media. 

ISK on Instagram and TikTok

Often on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms, people use ISK to denote I Suck. It is used in a situation where someone feels like everything is going wrong, and the tables have been turned upside down. 

On contrary to the usage of ISK, as I don’t know, it can also refer to I Should Know depending on the context of the conversation.

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Meaning and Purpose of ISK on Texting

ISK while texting is commonly used as IKS, which means I Know, Seriously. This phrase is used in situations when you agree with someone about something. So rather than typing the entire thing, you can go ahead with IKS.

Meaning and Purpose of ISK on Texting

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In addition to this, ISK is also used as an acronym for InterSteller Kredits, which the gaming enthusiastic population must have heard before. It is the in-game currency of EVE Online, a popular role-playing game. 

Continuing our dictionary of internet slang, in this article, we learned about the meaning and usage of ISK. We hope the guide was helpful. Stay connected to TechCult for more such cool terms.

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