What Does DTS Mean on Snapchat?

Decode what exactly DTS conveys on this instant messaging platform.

Snapchat’s unique appeal lies not just in its visuals but in its language. To truly master this platform, understanding various acronyms like DTS is important. But what’s the story behind this term, and why is it a key part of Snapchat’s secret language? Let’s uncover the meaning of DTS and explore its role in not only the Snapchat community but also on TikTok and Instagram platforms.

What Does DTS Mean on Snapchat?

What Does DTS Mean on Snapchat?

Abbreviations have been widely used these days on almost every social media platform by Gen-Z to save time in typing. The term DTS might have several meanings when used on Snapchat. The following are a few to begin with.

Option I: Don’t Think So

This is by far the most popular meaning of the acronym DTS on Snapchat. It is used when the person wants to let you know that they respectfully disagree with your idea or view. It is used to turn an offer or appeal down politely. Here is an application of the term in a conversation.


Saul: “I’m out of the business. No more deals!”

Walter: “Dts! We are done when I say we are done.”

Option II: Down the Shore

Say you live by the sea beach, or on a vacation by the sea. In this context, the term DTS might stand for down the shore. It may be used to let someone know about your current location or to invite them over to join you by the shore. An example conversation using this acronym with the given meaning is as follows.


Sam: “Hey, where are you? Let’s hang out!”

Billy: “Sure thing, I’m dts. Let’s catch up.”

Option III: Down to Snuggle

In the context of a romantic chat, DTS might mean down to snuggle on Snapchat. If you are in the mood for some romantic gesture, or your partner is feeling extra cuddly, this term might be used in chat to express yourself. Write this to your special someone to let them know that you are ready for some cozy snuggles and cuddles. An example conversation is below.


Monica: “Hi Chan, wanna come over and get dts after work?”

Chandler: “Yes! I’m on it.”

Option IV: Down the Sun

If the person in conversation with you is a metal fan, chances are they could be addressing the popular Nu-metal band from Kansas City – Down the Sun. If you are a hardcore music lover and want your friends to check out this band, you may use the acronym for the same as well. Here is an example conversation.


Milburn: “I was just listening to DTS. The beats got me dancing!”

Susan: “Send over the songs, I would love to check them out too.”

Option V: Dragon Tooth Sword

If you are a gamer having a conversation about Deus Ex 50, DTS might mean Dragon Tooth Sword on Snapchat. This is one of the most popular and powerful weapons in the game with a base damage of twenty.

Option VI: Drive to Survive

If you are discussing Netflix movies, then DTS might refer to the movie Drive to Survive featuring Daniel Ricciardio and Charles Leclerc.

JAN23 Man holding phone

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What Does DTS Mean on TikTok?

TikTok is another popular platform for showcasing your creativity in the form of short videos. The term DTS, when used in the comments section or at any other place on TikTok, the same as on Snapchat, might mean the following:

  • Don’t think so (the most popular version)
  • Down to snuggle
  • Down the shore
  • Down the Sun
  • Dragon Tooth Sword

What Does DTS Mean on Twitter?

Twitter is the social media platform that has been a witness to some large-scale campaigns. Nevertheless, acronyms are widely used on Twitter in hashtags as well as posts. The abbreviation DTS has more or less the same meaning as in any other platform like Snapchat and Instagram.

  • Don’t think so
  • Down the Sun
  • Down the Shore

Don’t think so DTS usage on Twitter

What Does DTS Mean on Instagram?

DTS, when used on Instagram and also Snapchat, might mean the following:

  • Don’t think so
  • Down the Sun
  • Down to snuggle (when used romantically in Instagram DM)
  • Down the shore
  • Down to smoke (usually used with friends)

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What Does DTS Mean on Discord?

Discord is popularly used by gamers for voice and video communication while gaming. Hence, the term DTS, when used on Discord, might mean the following:

  • Dragon Tooth Sword
  • Don’t think so
  • Down to smoke

Through this article, we have provided you with the answer to your query about what DTS means on Snapchat and other social platforms. So, next time you encounter this acronym while snapping with friends, you’ll be in the know. If you found this information helpful, share your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy snapping!

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