What Does BMS Mean on Instagram?

Discover the accurate interpretation of BMS for clear communication.

Instagram has become a popular platform for trendy acronym terms, including BMS. It is key to understand such terms to stay informed about the trends as well as cultural references on this platform. Let’s find out the meaning of BMS on Instagram and Facebook to participate in conversations without feeling left out.

What Does BMS Mean on Instagram?

What Does BMS Mean on Instagram?

BMS stands for Broke My Scale on Instagram, and it’s used to show excitement. This term can be used in posts, stories, reels, or during conversations. Whenever you come across something fascinating and incredible on Instagram, you can use this term. It’s like a rating system but without numbers.

What Does BMS Mean on Facebook?

BMS stands for Broke My Scale, which is a widely used term on Facebook, similar to Instagram. It is a way of rating someone’s post or text without using numbers. If you found this term in the comments of your Instagram post or a conversation with someone, it simply means that they liked your post or thought and are amazed by that.

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What Does Rate BMS Mean on Instagram?

The term rate BMS on Instagram is essentially asking your viewers to rate your post. It’s the same as BMS but with the added request for feedback. You use rate BMS as a question in your post, prompting viewers to rate it if they enjoyed it or to provide no rating if they didn’t. So, on Instagram, rate BMS refers to this specific request for ratings.

What Does BMS Mean in Slang Text and Social Media?

In slang texts and social media, BMS is often used to show excitement or admiration for something. BMS is short for Broke My Scale, a term commonly used on social media to express how incredible someone’s post is. It is primarily used by Gen Z individuals to appreciate their friends’ content through text messaging.

After learning what BMS means on Instagram, try using this acronym to appreciate someone’s post on the platform. Tell us how you’ve used this term on different social networks, and suggest other confusing terms for our next guide!

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