What Does BMS mean on Facebook?

Get ready to drive and break the scales!

Steering through the huge landscape of social media can sometimes feel like entering a world filled with its unique language. As you scroll through Facebook, you might have come across various acronyms and slang. Among others, today we will learn what does BMS mean, where can you use the acronym, and whether is it offensive when used on Facebook.

what does bms mean on facebook

What Does BMS Stand For on Facebook?

Online platforms have a distinctive language that adds a touch of informality and closeness to interactions. Over the years, the term BMS has been widely used.

Well, on Facebook and any other social media platform, BMS usually means Broke My Scale. It is often used in a fun way to rate people’s posts or pictures. The acronym conveys that they are so unbelievably beautiful that no scale can rate them appropriately.

Is BMS a Compliment?

Yes, in general, BMS is a compliment. It is often used to appreciate or express that someone is exceeding expectations beyond what was considered measurable or even possible. It is a playful and light-hearted expression of someone’s astounding beauty.

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Is BMS Offensive When Used on Facebook?

No, BMS is not offensive to be used. However, it’s important to know that using this abbreviation could be objectifying and inappropriate especially while rating someone. So one needs to be very mindful before using it for anybody.

Where Can I Use the Acronym BMS?

BMS can be used on all social media platforms, especially Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram to comment, compliment, and express your admiration for someone. For instance, if someone’s attractiveness or talent is considered beyond exceptional and can’t be quantified, you can use the term. 

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That is it! Now that you know what does BMS mean on Facebook, the next time you find an excellent post, don’t forget to comment a BMS under it. If you have any queries or suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments box below. To learn more about such social media acronyms, stay connected with TechCult. 

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