What are Advantages of SharePoint?

SharePoint is integrated with Microsoft Office, which means that users can create, edit, and collaborate on documents using familiar Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and then save them directly to SharePoint. Here, we have discussed the benefits of using SharePoint for document management and see if the app is suited for business or any kind of work you perform. Keep reading to learn more!

What are Advantages of SharePoint?

What are Advantages of SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust, highly flexible, and versatile platform to share files among the employees of an Office. SharePoint provides a central location for storing and managing all types of documents, making it easy for team members to access and collaborate on files from anywhere and on any device. Here, you will get to know about the advantages of SharePoint for business. Also, you will get an answer to the query, is SharePoint PaaS or SaaS or not.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint benefits for business

It consists of a secure web-based collaboration and document management system and is powered by Microsoft. The easy-to-use and well-designed UI, similar to that of Office 365, helps in obtaining the best user experience.

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After reading the general introduction of the SharePoint app, you may be posed with additional questions like is SharePoint PaaS or SaaS. Keep reading the article to find the answers to those questions as well.

The advantages of SharePoint that help in managing the business and other activities are given below. This can help in fine-tuning your understating of the app, and thus decide the answer to the question of whether is SharePoint worthy.

1. Document Management and Collaboration

The major use of this app is to manage documents and ensure that the collaboration is done perfectly. You can organize the company’s information for easy access, access, and streamlining the flow of information, and access cloud storage using mobile devices. The general benefits of using SharePoint for document management are listed below.

  • You can use the mobility feature to allow File sharing with a click.
  • Cloud framework saves the files to the cloud.
  • The Metadata feature helps to maintain information for document tracking and consolidate files for one project.
  • Improve workflow and decision-making as the app automatically sync the changes made by team members in the document, hence, eliminating multiple versions.
  • Along with this, you can see the entire version history of the document and note down the editors in the document.
  • Other features like Document check-out and check-in, document search, permission alerts, customized templates document workflow, and document alerts, allow you to instantly connect with team members via chat and share screens.

2. Content Management

It can be used for preparing and scheduling content, including Office documents, for publishing to various websites on the internet and social platforms. Also, it helps to share content within and outside the organization, create and edit tasks, and convert documents from one format to another inclusive of PDF, Word, and Excel file formats. Additionally, it can be used to create, modify, and delete the content of any site created, or even create a new site from scratch.

3. Swift Streamlining of Business Process

Along with a consistent and streamlined user experience, you can collect and organize data in one place, and information from suppliers, communication with customers, or interactions with partners are compiled in form-driven solutions. You can create business intelligence portals and display the data on the dashboard, web portals, or scorecards to make better decisions. You can also track and trace customer preferences, predict fluctuations in demand and supply, and collect and publish data stored on the portal. This makes them accessible to users in the organization, and extract and publish information from sources like Excel, OneNote, and Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, the basic features like file versioning, indexing, advanced search option, and web interface allow for streamlining of business processes.

4. Built-in Multi-purpose Functionality

The app has a built-in function to suit multi-purpose works and provide flexibility in shifting operations. The adaptability of the app to be used for various options are as listed below.

  • It helps in information sharing, task scheduling, and managing contacts, thereby serving as an internal website for the Company. 
  • Based on the status of the document, Admin can assign different permission levels to the users and allow stakeholders to share and edit them.
  • In addition to file management and document sharing, this can be used for obtaining business information, managing social networking sites, and performing other virtual operations.

5. Centralized Administration

Using the single dashboard, you can get quick access to operation features, inclusive of security settings, backup sites, and site data, perform restorations, and update privileges.

  • Transmit data, track and manage documents, and streamline and automate processes and business operations, making it easy to work on group projects.
  • Use a VPN service while connected to the network in the company servers to access data and documents, hence aiding in file management.

6. Customization

Another basic feature is customization, which is the ability to modify or maintain the default features. Build custom elements, customize the interface or create a personal UI, and use the drag and drop function to improve user experience easily. Also, you can alter the intranet site based on design, navigation, content, and features.

7. Site Consolidation

The app allows you to integrate all sites and shared work environments into one platform, thereby reducing the cost of site administration. The internal team members can access and manage the consolidated internet and intranet sites which helps them to manage documents and alter access control. In addition to this, they can create intranet websites for internal convenience, automate tasks, and develop customized applications.

8. Integration

If you would like to have a consolidated platform to integrate with other platforms, you can read this feature in the advantages of SharePoint. The app uses easy integration techniques like SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol, XML or Extensible Mark-up Language, and event handlers for documents and lists. In addition to business applications like Microsoft Office Suite, MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communications, ERP, CRM, and other back-office systems, you can integrate web browsers and web applications. The only limitation is that the SharePoint Online version is limited to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers.

9. Enhanced Security

With the advanced security features that use firewalls to prevent unauthorized use, you can effectively manage business data and store information in cloud solutions. Workflow upgrades and authentication are regularly updated to reduce the risk of outages and unauthorized access and hence provide reliable data integrity.

You can configure different settings for controlling share-ability, storage, auditing, robust data encryption, and cloud backup to keep data safe and secure. Another advantage of SharePoint is that it allows you to set security settings to individual file levels or for a specific set of documents, sites, folders, and lists to eliminate all security risks.

10. Problem Resolution

Another point in the benefits of SharePoint for business is that it acts as a replacement for the traditional method of requiring web developers to improve or create a database management system. It uses the APIS or Application Programming Interfaces to help in database management in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server for the same. This has a highly responsive feature that helps to keep a record of business reports and answer customer queries and also respond to the organization and help in creating solutions. It is easy to manage the business data connectivity and perform the operation as per demand.

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SharePoint Benefits Presentation

The use cases or the options to use SharePoint are listed in this section. You can find the SharePoint benefits presentation listed in the section and see if the platform is suitable as a multi-tasking platform.

  • Key Information Management- File Sharing and maintaining files in the Document Library is the key feature, in which, any relevant information can be checked. In addition to this, the platform can be used as a People directory, that is, you can check the data of people who have access to edit or share files and much more.
  • Site Management- Another benefit of using SharePoint is to create and manage websites. This can be used to create personal sites and use as a personal journal, or create blog sites to share valuable information to a wide range of audiences. An additional SharePoint benefits presentation is that you can use Enterprise Social Networking Sites like Yammer.
  • Event Management- This platform can be used for managing any virtual event that is hosted online. As mentioned earlier, this can be used as a people directory and record the information of people in the event. Along with this, you can conduct Surveys and post questions on the Discussion Forums to obtain the opinion of people.

Is SharePoint PaaS or SaaS?

SharePoint is a SaaS, which is abbreviated as Software as a Service. SaaS is a combination of IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS or Platform as a Service, Application, and Data. This combined service aids in making the platform a viable and trustworthy one. To put the answer to the question of is SharePoint PaaS or SaaS, we can write it as:

SaaS = IaaS + PaaS + Application + Data

Is SharePoint Worthy?

Yes. Microsoft SharePoint is indeed a worthy platform as this can be used for various purposes. Being a cost-effective option, this allows you to obtain numerous benefits on the reputed platform. You can consider this when deciding to purchase an alternative option for sharing files. However, the real answer to the question of whether is SharePoint worthy depends on the requirement of the user to solve immediate and long-term issues. Also, this is highly suited if you are searching for an option to customize the intranet.


We hope that you were able to know about the advantages of SharePoint for business. Please help us improve by sharing your queries and suggestions in the comments section. Also, let us know which of these features seems beneficial to you.

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