Western Digital Launches Cheaper Xbox Expandable Storage Cards

Microsoft and PlayStation have been competing for quite some time in the gaming arena but there has been one area where Microsoft is lacking and that is expandable storage cards. But now it seems Microsoft may be putting out a new expandable storage option as Western Digital launches cheaper Xbox expandable storage cards.

Western Digital Launches Cheaper Xbox Expandable Storage Cards

In September 2020, Microsoft introduced the Xbox expandable storage cards alongside the Xbox Series S and X consoles. At the time, 1TB was the sole choice. Seagate was the only manufacturer of these expansion cards. The business unveiled 2 TB and 512 GB variants about a year later.

The fuss is all about a new addition of a cheaper option for Xbox users as the only option right now is Seagate which is way more expensive than an average consumer idea. The Seagate 1TB variant launched at $219.99, while the 500 GB card was priced at $139.99 and the 2TB card was marketed at $399.99.

It is imperative that there be a second Xbox expanded storage producer, as this should help to stabilize prices. The expandable storage cards for the Xbox Series X|S have been more expensive than typical SSDs found in PCs.

The launch date for Western Digital’s new 1TB Xbox expansion card is unknown but whenever it is it will really be a new year gift for all Xbox users.

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