Wanted: Dead Trailer Released by Soleil Games Studio

Soleil Games Studio released the launch trailer for Wanted: Dead. It is a third-person action game. The game has been developed by the developer of some famous games such as Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Dead or Alive 4, and Ninja Gaiden. It will surely provide players great gaming experience walking through countless enemies. The players can also perform stylish take-down attacks.

Wanted: Dead Trailer released by Soleil Games Studio

Wanted: Dead was first announced in 2021, it looks forward to bring in challenging, satisfying, and flowing combat action. Soleil has a sufficient amount of experience with this kind of combat. Yoshifuru Okamoto the founding member of Soleil has worked on Ninja Gaiden and the studio release some famous titles like Ninjala. It did quite well and was always seen as a direct competition of Splatoon 2 Chocolate Splatfest.

Wanted: Dead Trailer released by Soleil Games Studio and it has carved out its own niche in the gaming world, also it is designed and developed by some of the best minds that performed outstandingly well in offering the best hack and slash gameplay experience.

Soleil released the launch trailer of Wanted: Dead ahead of the Valentine’s Day launch. The trailer has covered details related to the gameplay, game narrative, and voiceovers. Earlier, deep dives into the gameplay mechanics were shown to the fans. The current trailer revolves around the general introduction of the game and displays distinct characters in the gory world.

Wanted: Dead - Official Game World Overview Trailer

In the Wanted: Dead Trailer released by Soleil Games Studio, the game has leaned on extreme violence, and explicit language and has some top action movie cliches. There are some philosophical questions that Wanted: Dead will pose. The juxtaposition will work, but only if the manic fights against the bosses and the enemies are paired with a deeper look into humanity, and it’ll be a worthwhile show to see how it will play out.

Wanted: Dead is going to be the first title that will be released by Soleil games since it was bought in 2021 by Tencent. Tencent has acquired many studios and owns a large share in many of them. The concerns about a big company will erase the characteristics of a smaller company is very normal but not a lot more changes were seen in the From Software and Riot studios.

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Source: IGN YouTube Channel

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