Upcoming Chrome Update to Support NVIDIA Super Resolution

Google has just released the latest Early Stable Update for Desktops, and it has made users around the world excited about the upcoming features. Considering the upcoming Chrome update to support NVIDIA super resolution, the future of gaming and video streaming with Chrome seems limitless. NVIDIA will be introducing the latest GeForce driver to deliver the video stream upscaling functionality on Google Chrome using the same AI technology that made Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) such a remarkable success.

Upcoming Chrome Update to Support NVIDIA’s Super Resolution

The latest Early Stable Update by Google is currently only available for a small group of users; however, the update will be made public on February 7, 2023. The update will not be functional by default, and users will need to manually set up and activate RTX VSR through the NVIDIA Control Panel.

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The feature is currently only supported by 30 and 40-series RTX cards; however, it seems NVIDIA is already planning to introduce compatible upgrades to the 20-series cards. The information was shared by NIVIDIA’s Product Line Manager, Gerardo Delgado, on Twitter.

Gerardo Delgado tweet on upcoming Chrome update to support NVIDIA’s super resolution

Previously, NVIDIA announced the release of RTX Video Super Resolution Technology at CES 2023 last month with the announcement of God of War NVIDIA DLSS & Reflex Game. The technology supports input video footage between 366p and 1440p, then it utilizes deep learning and neural networks to upscale the video quality to 4K quality. NVIDIA’s advanced AI technology produces better video quality than your computer’s software and hardware combination ever could.

Introducing RTX Video Super Resolution - 4K AI Upscaling for Chrome & Edge Video

NVIDIA released a YouTube video demonstrating how video upscaling can change the streaming experience for its users. But the technology seems to have great potential, even for other streaming services such as Netflix. With the upcoming Chrome update to support NVIDIA super resolution, it is only a matter of time before services like Netflix announce the video upscaling features on their platforms, which also opens the possibility for higher-tier membership plans for videos supporting 4K resolution.

Although the announcement of the new update has brought excitement among tech freaks and Chrome users, it remains to be seen how successful the latest Chrome update will be. Despite the uncertainties, the excitement over NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution is unmatched, and we will only have to wait until the technology is made public for everyone to use.

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