Two Unique John Cena Variants Added to WWE 2K23

Two Unique John Cena Variants Added to WWE 2K23

Two unique John Cena Variants added to WWE 2K23. The game has a lot of content that has not been announced yet. The WWE 2K23 fans are playing the game via early access. The game’s standard version will be officially available on 17th March 2023.

Two Unique John Cena Variants Added to WWE 2K23

Due to the early access, a lot of new findings have been put forward by the fans. During the weeks before the update, WWE 2K23 has been announcing newly added features and surprising characters such as Jean-Paul Levesque, Tyler Breeze, and Mighty Molly. These superstars have been revealed although they were not in the official roster Announcement.

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The title focused mainly on the roster, and therefore the fans expected the presence of some popular characters in the game but these have been not declared officially. Two unique John Cena Variants added to WWE 2K23 are joining the lineup as founded by the gamers.

Super Cena is the first added character. The character can be seen in the Showcase mode during the bonus matches. Super Cena is an invisible character that makes for a crazy visual. Action Figure John Cena is the second character, it is a toy version of the star that is exclusive to MyFaction of WWE 2K23.

DeonteDDJ, a content creator and active twitter user said, “I know WWE 2K23 is all about John Cena but having an action figure version in MyFACTION and an invisible Cena caught me off guard LMFAOOO”

The fans found a way to export the characters in the game that was released last year but it may stay locked to that specific mode only this year. The developers are trying their best to improve the WWE 2K23 MyFaction and John Cena’s variants are good surprises for the fans.

The model graphic of the character looks like a toy figure. The toy figure of the character has been inserted into the game and the same variant can be used on the remaining superstars too. The character addition surprise was unexpected and came out of the blue but it might blend well with MyFaction mode.

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The game seems to be a Celebration of John Cena’s entire career as a lot of John Cena’s versions populated the roster of the game. WWE 2K23 already did well by adding the Doctor of Thuganomics and The Prototype. The entry of the star will be enjoyed by fans worldwide this year and to keep the gameplay fresh new findings that relate to more versions of other characters may happen soon.

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