Twitter Will Make Access to TweetDeck Reserved for Verified Users after 30 Days

TweetDeck was a way of viewing multiple timeline columns in one easy interface. Users could monitor multiple Twitter accounts at the same time, a great feature for users to see and manage their accounts. Now, Twitter’s new policy makes access to Tweetdeck reserved for verified users after 30 days. This has caused major inconvenience for users of the social media platform who were already dissatisfied with the introduction of the new paid verification feature.
Twitter's New Policy Makes Access to TweetDeck Reserved for Verified Users After 30 Days

In a recent tweet shared by Twitter Support’s official Twitter handle on 3rd July 2023. The main line in their tweet that caught users’ attention was, “- In 30 days, users must be Verified to access TweetDeck. “ With users sharing their disdain over this decision, some users tweeted saying “Tweetdeck has been free for 15 years, locking it behind a paywall doesn’t make any sense”

As per the tweet Twitter has launched a new version of TweetDeck, a 2.0 version with the following features (as per the information available on the Twitter Help Center Website)

  • Copying of search, list, and profile columns from the current version of TweetDeck.
  • Enhanced Tweet composer with the ability to create threads, schedule Tweets, and add multimedia elements.
  • Advanced search functionality for finding specific content.
  • Option to view top Tweets or latest Tweets first in columns.
  • Decks for organizing columns into groups.
  • Intuitive Column Creator with various column types like profiles, topics, explorers, events, moments, and bookmarks.
  • Video Docking to watch videos while accessing the content in the same column and changing Decks.
  • Multiple account support with Account Switching.
  • Ongoing improvements to the Teams feature (updates to be announced later).

Even with all these features it would be tough for Twitter to retain users, especially when the market is brimming with competitors of the platforms like Spill and Post being launched. Whatever Elon Musk does next might not be a good move for the platform, but it will definitely be entertaining news for the readers who follow everything happening with the now helter-skelter social media platform.

Source: Twitter Support’s Official Tweet

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