Twitter Will Label Tweets for Violating Hate Speech Policy

Twitter has taken a major step towards ensuring transparency around hateful tweets on its platform. The company announced a new policy that will label tweets for violating hate speech policy by making them less discoverable and downranking them in replies. This move comes as part of Twitter’s broader efforts to promote safety and accountability on its platform.

Twitter Will Label Tweets for Violating Hate Speech Policy

Previously, Twitter’s approach to content moderation was limited to a binary choice between leaving up or taking down content. However, the company has now introduced visibility filtering, which allows it to take a more nuanced approach to content moderation. This means that tweets that violate its policies will not necessarily be taken down, but rather will be made less visible on the platform.

Twitter’s new policy will add publicly visible labels to tweets that are identified as potentially violating its guidelines. This will give users greater transparency about the enforcement actions taken by the company. The labels will indicate which policy the tweet potentially violates and will be visible to both the tweet author and other users on the platform.

Tweets that are labeled as potentially violating Twitter’s policies will also be made less discoverable on the platform. This means that they will be less likely to appear in search results and recommendations, and will be downranked in replies. Also, Twitter will not place ads adjacent to content that it labels.

While Twitter’s new policy is a major step towards greater transparency and accountability, it is not perfect. The company has acknowledged that submitting feedback on labels does not guarantee a response or the restoration of a tweet’s reach. However, the company is committed to making enforcement actions more proportional and transparent for everyone on its platform.

Twitter’s new policy is rooted in its belief that it is responsible for keeping users safe from content that violates its rules. This belief is based on the principle of freedom of speech, not freedom of reach. In other words, while Twitter is committed to promoting free expression on its platform, it also recognizes that it has a responsibility to ensure that harmful content is not amplified or spread.

Overall, Twitter’s new policy represents a major step forward for content moderation on social media platforms. By introducing visibility filtering and publicly visible labels, Twitter is taking a more nuanced approach to content moderation that will promote greater transparency and accountability on its platform.

Source: Twitter Blog

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