Twitter to Charge for SMS Two-Factor Authentication

Starting March 20, 2023, the microblogging platform, Twitter is planning to charge for SMS two-factor authentication. The announcement was made in a blog post shared by Twitter.The two-factor authentication process allows users to log into their Twitter account with their password and a security code received on their registered mobile number via text message or with an authentication application. The two-factor authentication process keeps a user’s account safe even if someone steals their password. Twitter users who use two-factor authentication as an extra layer of security on their accounts will lose this service unless they change their two-factor authentication method or pay for the subscription plan. 

Twitter to Charge for SMS Two-Factor Authentication

The users will be able to change their two-factor authentication method by accessing their Settings & support > Settings and privacy. Here, when the user selects Security and account access, they will be provided with three options under Two-factor authentication

Twitter Settings and privacy Security and account accessTwo-factor authentication Twitter Blue and new features

In a tweet posted by Twitter Support on February 18, 2023, the company wrote, “Effective March 20, 2023, only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to use text messages as their two-factor authentication method. Other accounts can use an authentication app or security key for 2FA.” In a reply to the same tweet, the platform also stated“To be clear, two-factor authentication is still not required to log into Twitter, although we highly encourage users to enable it. This change just restricts the 2FA methods available for accounts not subscribed to Twitter Blue.”

Twitter made the announcement hours after Zoë Schiffer of Platform tweeted that Twitter was about to make changes to the two-factor authentication process. He wrote, “Twitter is planning to unveil a new policy as soon as this afternoon that only Blue subscribers will be able to use SMS-based two-factor authentication, according to company sources.”

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The recent changes are in continuation with Twitter’s attempt to lure more users to subscribe to Twitter Blue, a service that was introduced after Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media platform. Twitter has also tried to get more people interested in Twitter Blue by offering features such as blue checkmark, and longer tweets. The news that Twitter to charge for SMS two-factor authentication also comes after the company has faced continuous criticism over its services and security measures. Many users had also complained that two-factor authentication was glitching. With new rules, Twitter wishes to make the process more secure and prevent situations like SIM swapping.

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