Twitter to Charge $1000 Per Month for Golden Checkmark

After the mass layoff last year, Elon Musk-owned Twitter started charging its users $8 per month for their Blue Tick Verification. The horrifying 24 hours of Fake Verified accounts that followed caused massive damage to stock markets. Twitter immediately took that idea down. While this previous attempt at reducing Twitter’s 12.5 Billion debt failed, Elon Musk is back with a new idea which involves Twitter to charge $1000 per month for Golden Checkmark.

Twitter to Charge $1000 Per Month for Golden Checkmark

Reportedly it is being considered for Twitter to charge $1000 per month for Golden Checkmark and an additional $50 per month each for verification of affiliate accounts. Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra shared a screenshot of an email between Twitter product manager Evan Jones and an unnamed business. In the tweet, Matt stated, “Twitter is reportedly emailing businesses offering gold check mark verification for $1000 PER MONTH! And affiliate account verification for $50 each per month”.

As per the tweet shared by Matt Navarra, Twitter to Charge 1000 dollar Per Month for Golden Tick

Twitter has rolled out Early Access for businesses that are its early access subscribers. As per the email received by the unnamed firm, “As an early access subscriber, you’ll get a gold checkmark for your organization and affiliate badges for its associates”. The email further states,“ If you’d like to subscribe, Verified for Organizations is $1000 per month, and $50 per month additional affiliated handle per month with one month of free affiliations”.

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Later in the same thread, Matt Navarra shared a tweet with a screenshot of a conversation between the Product Manager and another firm. He tweeted, “ Second source confirms same information. Twitter asking for $1000 per month for gold check mark verification”

Second tweet confirming Twitter to Charge $1000 Per Month for Golden Checkmark

Verified for Organizations, previously known as Blue for Business, is a program released by Twitter as a new way for organizations and their affiliates to verify their accounts. The blog published by Twitter has introduced Verified for Organizations” as an opportunity to further enhance and distinguish organizations on Twitter”,

Official Twitter Blog on Verification for Organizations

Brands that refuse to pay $1000 per month will lose their golden badges soon. This is one of the many changes CEO Elon Musk has introduced after taking the reigns of Twitter. This attempt at reducing the $12.5 Billion might backfire just like Twitter Blue.

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