Twitter Announces Character Max Count Now Shot to 4000

As an undeniable matter of fact, Twitter doesn’t go a day without becoming a topic of conversation in the media. The microblogging social media platform owned by Elon Musk, Twitter announced character max count now shot to 4000 on 08-02-2023 EST, out of the blue, yes Twitter blue in the US.

Twitter Announces Character Max Count Now Shot to 4000

Just following the launch of the exclusive Twitter Blue in three more countries: Brazil, India, and Indonesia, the platform decided to introduce the change for Twitter Blue subscribers in the US, in the latter part of the day.

Takeaways from the news article:

  • Character count limit hiked to 4000-characters
  • Initial roll up limited to Twitter Blue subscribers in US

more words more words more words more words… sometimes you need more words. Longer Tweets are now live for US @TwitterBlue subscribers,” the tweet by Twitter official handle indicates the max possible size for a tweet to be 4,000 characters, which stands around 500 words for a standard text. That means users will now be enabled for lengthier posts like an article or essay of 500 words if that fits the character limit. Seems like microblogging is now macro-ing.

It is the second time since Twitter launched that it tweaked to hike its character count. The move was targeted towards attracting more users to subscribe to Twitter Blue. The existing count of character limit of 280 was already a hike to the initial 140-character max limit. Outside the US, the max limit for non-subscribers and Twitter Blue users remains the same as the existing 280 characters.

The access to writing and posting a 4000-character tweet is limited to Twitter Blue users in the US but can be read by both subscribers and non-subscribers. However, scrolling through the timeline, a user would still see 280-character snippets of tweets longer than that, but can expand on clicking.

Also launched in Brazil, India, and China, the subscription cost for the app users in Brazil stands at R$60/month amounting to $12 USD, and Rs.900/month for Twitter Blue subscribers through the app in India which sums up to $10.90 USD, currently.

We think that 4000 characters/500 words (approx..) is too much considering a tweet. While the feature might be helpful to some, we do not think this could be majorly functional to most users. To stay updated about Tech News and the latest addition to Twitter features stay tuned with TechCult.

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