Twitter Alternative T2 Launches a New Verification Program

Since the time Elon Musk took the reins of Twitter, there has been quite a stir for a potential replacement for the social media giant. And this does seem to be coming true as Twitter alternative T2 launches a new verification program. This new potential rival of Twitter consists of Google and Twitter old employees that have come together to create this platform.

Twitter Alternative T2 Launches a New Verification Program

T2 is not officially launched and to use the platform you got to join the waitlist by going on this link. But the idea behind launching this new verification program stems from the fact that Twitter and other social media platforms are coming up with “pay to verify” service.

Join the T2 Waitlist

On 24th March Twitter came up with Twitter blue in an announcement that said, “Twitter Blue is now available globally! Sign up today to get your blue checkmark, prioritized ranking in conversations, half ads, long Tweets, Bookmark Folders, custom navigation, Edit Tweet, Undo Tweet, and more,”

This is the third time that Twitter seems to be attacked by its alternatives. Among which is also Jack Dorsey former CEO and Co-founder of Twitter who is for a long time putting in lot of effort in creating an alternative named Bluesky which is different in terms of getting owned by a single multinational company. The idea behind this was to create an open-source and decentralized protocol where you have the freedom of porting your data from one provider to another without it being owned by corporations with no accountability. The app is live on App store.

Recently there also came up a revelation that Tech giant Meta is pondering over a new text-based app codenamed as P92 which will be under the brand name of Instagram and so users will be able to login/register with use of their Instagram credentials. Here too there is a similar situation like Bluesky with a decentralized social networking protocol being used by Twitter rival Mastodon.

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