Twitch Introduces Distinct Labels for Streams with Sexual Themes, Gambling, and Mature Games

In a bid to enhance transparency and empower its community, Twitch introduces distinct Content Classification labels for streams with sexual themes, gambling, and mature games. These new labels aim to provide streamers and viewers with clearer information about the nature of the content being streamed. With the increasing variety of streams on the platform, these labels will assist users in making informed choices about the content they wish to watch.

Twitch Introduces Distinct Labels for Streams with Sexual Themes, Gambling, and Mature Games

Making Stream Labeling More Precise

One of the key motivations behind the introduction of Content Classification Labels is to address the concerns of streamers who found it challenging to determine when their streams required a mature content label. The new labels are designed to be more specific, allowing streamers to apply or remove them at any point during their streams. This replaces the previous Mature Content toggle and ensures a more accurate representation of the content being streamed.

What Requires a Label?

Twitch has identified several categories that require labeling. These include Mature-Rated Games, Sexual Themes, Drugs, Intoxication, Excessive Tobacco Use, Violent and Graphic Depictions, Significant Profanity or Vulgarity, and Gambling. The introduction of these labels does not entail changes to Twitch’s Community Guidelines; instead, it provides a more comprehensive outline of content that, while permitted, needs to be labeled.

Protecting Viewers and Advertisers

The implementation of Content Classification Labels serves a twofold purpose: protecting younger viewers and providing valuable information to advertisers. By labeling streams accurately, streamers can better connect with audiences who are a good fit for their communities. Additionally, these labels facilitate advertisers in selecting the most appropriate content for their advertisements, creating a safer and more targeted advertising environment.

Simplified Labeling Process

To ensure a seamless experience for streamers, Twitch has integrated the new content labels into the existing go-live flow within the Edit Stream Info modal in Stream Manager. Similar to tags, these labels can be added or removed throughout a stream, applying only to relevant segments. Streamers can also expect automatic application of the Mature-rated game label when playing Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) mature-rated video games. The labels will be automatically carried over to subsequent streams unless manually removed.

Feedback and Future Updates

Twitch values user feedback and aims to continuously improve its platform and policies. A great exam of their commitment is when they rolled back their controversial ad rules after it faced backlash from users. Streamers and viewers are encouraged to provide their thoughts and suggestions through UserVoice to help shape the development of these features.

As Twitch introduces distinct Content Classification Labels for streams, it marks a significant step forward in empowering streamers and viewers alike. Providing clearer information about the content being streamed ensures a safer and more informed viewing experience. Streamers can now connect with their intended audience more effectively, while viewers have the ability to make choices aligned with their preferences. With these labels in place, Twitch continues to prioritize community engagement and user satisfaction in its ongoing commitment to excellence.

Source: Twitch Blog

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