Turtle Neck’s Left 4 Dead Prototype Leaked with Zombie Twist

Left 4 Dead Official Graphic

It is common for us to find technical breaches from any gaming company that leak due to technical miscommunications. Generally, breaches are just pieces of information that contain information regarding the new updates or versions of the game. The leaks find their way into the public as someone who finds it, quickly shares it online with others. In this issue, we discuss a breach that is not just a piece of information but the new version of the game itself! This might sound crazy, but it’s true as Turtle Neck’s Left 4 Dead Prototype has been leaked with a Zombie Twist.

Left 4 Dead Official Graphic. Turtle Neck’s Left 4 Dead Prototype Leaked with Zombie Twist

The said game is from Turtle Rock Studios. The mod developer described it as “a historical developer map seen for the first time” for Counter-Strike. It was found by a gaming YouTuber who shared it online. The original version of the game is Counter-Strike: Source.

Counter Strike Source Valve Steam

The leaked or updated version of Turtle Neck’s Left 4 Dead prototype twist is named Zombie city. Some say it is a playable game; some others claim that it is just a map part of the map sources folder probably developed by Valve or Turtle rock. This is certainly not an official update of the game as it was not launched officially on the website. There is no official information from its developers about this; so it could be a result of a technical glitch.

Whatever Zombie city might be, surprisingly there are no zombies in it. You just need to kill the terrorists within your range so it’s actually Terror Strike. This implies that the game is still in its developing stages and needs to be fully developed to fight against zombies. This amazing news entails some wait for fans of shows like Left 4 Dead (available on Steam) wherein games fight off zombies.

Left 4 Dead Valve Steam

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