Top 10 Kickass Torrent Alternatives (2022)

Zooqle- KickAss Torrent Alternatives

When we download a file it is mostly downloaded from one server, however, in case of the torrent, the file is downloaded from more than one server. The BitTorrent protocol uses a number of computers to download a single file so that bandwidth required by each server reduces. When a file is downloaded from a torrent then at that time the BitTorrent system locates multiple computers or servers that are having the same file and downloads different parts of the file from each server which results in a lower average bandwidth usage which just speeds up the downloading process. Similarly, when sending a file the server may send the file to multiple computers before it reaches the actual receiver. This whole process just speeds up the transferring time. The file extension for the torrent file is .torrent. So without wasting any time let’s check out the top Kickass Torrent Alternatives in 2022.

Top 10 Kickass Torrent Alternatives (2022)

1. Zooqle

Zooqle- KickAss Torrent Alternatives

Zooqle is one of the top best torrent websites present in the market. Just type and you can download anything which you like and present on the internet. It has a wide variety of things that can be downloaded. Categories like TV which have TV shows to download, Movies which are currently popular are displayed while there is also an option for new releases. Under Most Seeded you can download the most popular torrents and also there is a list of most recent with the name of ‘Just In’ like the torrents which are uploaded just now. Zooqle has a large variety and a good user interface.

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2. 1337x


1337x is one of the best Kickass Torrent Alternatives in 2022. The main domain for 1337x is, and if this is not working then try or This is currently the best torrent that is available in the market. When you open this torrent you will see different categories to download from. Categories like Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, and many others. To start just click on the category which you want to download from. When you enter a category you can search for the torrent and it will also show the ‘Most Popular Torrents in the last 24 hours’. To download a torrent file just click on the file, there you will have the option of Torrent download. Just click on it and the torrent will start downloading.

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3. LimeTorrents


The domain for Limetorrents is You need to type this and the site will pop up in the browser. You can search this torrent site with any keyword or you can enter any of the categories that are shown on the home page of the torrent. There are categories like Movies, TV shows, Music, Games, Applications, Anime, and others. It also shows the health of the torrent file that is being downloaded and this health indicated whether the file is suitable for download or not. Just click on the file and select the option of Download torrent and the torrent will be downloaded.

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4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay - KickAss Torrent Alternatives

The domain for this torrent is Enter this and you are good to download torrents from this torrent site. You can search for a variety of things on this website. Also, there are different languages content that you can download. You can download shows, movies, games, applications, audio, video and other things as well. It shows the top 100 trending torrents that can be downloaded. Also, you can download XBOX games from this torrent site.

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5. TorLock


After visiting Torlock, it will be tough for you to visit any other torrent site as this is the best in the market. Basically it has everything a torrent site required, from the awesome user interface to well-indexed categories like Music, Movies, Games, Applications, etc. The major reason why Torlock is famous as Torlock is that torrent site that lists only verified torrents. Remember to use a VPN while downloading from Torlock. The domain of this torrent site is

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6. Popcorn Time

PopCorn Time

This is one of the best things for movies and TV shows lovers. It is not a website but an application for windows, mac, android, and IOS. This application allows the user to stream and download movies directly from the torrent. This application shows you the best torrents in high quality. There is also a built-in torrent client and VPN which hides your information from the Internet Service Providers. If you use torrent just to watch and download movies then this is the best alternative you have. Also, you can download this application without rooting your device. To download just visit and download the appropriate version as per your requirement.

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7. YTS


The domain for this torrent is This torrent site claims to have the smallest size of HD movies and shows. This is another great alternative for movies downloading. This torrent has a huge collection of movies that lets you choose between 720p or 1080p video quality. YTS has a great user interface. Moreover, YTS offers direct one-click download options for all of the movies on the platform. Here you can search for your favorite movies and also can view the popular downloads.

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8. AIO Search

AIO Search

AIO search is like the mother of all torrent sites, hence the best alternative for Kickass Torrent. It has content from over 60 sites. When opened you will see all the torrent sites listed on its home page from which results are shown to the user. When you search something on this torrent site then it shows multiple results with multiple tabs. This means that each tab belongs to one torrent site result. It is one of the very best torrent sites as it considers the results from all of the related torrent sites and lets the user choose what is best for them. If you are searching for something that is not that easy to find then this feature will make it easy for you to find the thing. Also, this website has a Google Chrome extension to ease things up. Do not login with your Google or Facebook account and also remember to use VPN to avoid sharing your location without your consent. The domain for this site is

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9. Academic Torrents

Academic Torrents

This torrent site is for those who are research lovers and who work with data a lot. This is a joint effort of different universities around the world. This torrent was basically designed to share enormous datasets. If you are searching for papers, courses, and datasets then this website is just the right place for you. Here you can also upload your own dataset. The domain for this website is

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10. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive

The internet archive is a great non-profit website that is a store of millions of free books, movies, software and many other things. This is one of the very few websites on which movies are available in multiple languages that include French, German, Portuguese, etc. Here you will find content that is not available anywhere else. Also, you can upload a movie or a book to its archive. Here you can also discuss things with other users only after registering as a user to this website. The domain is

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These were some of the best torrent sites that are KickAss Torrent Alternatives. Remember to use VPN to avoid any mishap, also do remember never to login with your Facebook or Google account. If you want to know more of the torrent sites then visit which is one of my favourite torrent sites along with 1337x.

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