Top 15 Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Want to experience good old torrent sites? Try these great options

Torrents may seem like a thing of yesteryears; trust us, they are very much in existence even today. But, sometimes they may just be the only option available. From downloading movies to games, Kickass torrent has been a reliable place that hosts everything that you can possibly find on the internet. However, if you are looking for other such platforms, we have compiled a list of top free Kickass torrent alternatives for you.

KickAss Torrent Alternatives

Top Kickass Torrent Alternatives

Following the rise in streaming services such as Netflix, and Amazon Prime, torrent sites have seen a significant downfall. However, these platform has not lost complete relevance. These innovative platforms listed below employ the best features and technologies to provide efficient and secure file-sharing experiences. They emphasize user privacy and seamless navigation by offering unique features like integrated media players, vast collections, and streamlined search options.

Here is the list of Top free alternatives to Torrent.

Note: Torrent sites often host pirated or unlicensed content, they may also carry various computer viruses, that may harm your device upon installation. Therefore, we do not endorse or support any such website, using these websites shall be avoided. User discretion is advised.

1. YGG Torrent

YGG Torrent | KickAss Torrent Alternatives

YGG Torrent offers a wide range of content, like movies, TV shows, music, and software and is one of the best Kickass torrent alternatives. However, often users experience issues while downloading torrents from YGG Torrent due to changes in the site’s URL redirection. YGGTorrent is also available as a Docker container on Unraid forums, but it only stores RSS feeds. There is also an npm package called yggtorrent-api that provides information on the package’s health score, popularity, security, maintenance, and versions.

2. GKTorrent


GKTorrent specializes in French content. It was founded in 2014 and has managed to become a popular destination for French-speaking audiences searching for movies, TV shows, music, and software. The site has a strict ratio system, which means that you as a user, must maintain a certain upload-to-download ratio to avoid getting banned. It has a large user base and a wide selection of content, thus a popular choice for French torrent users.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a popular BitTorrent website. It uses peer-to-peer file-sharing technology and provides torrent downloads for wide content category like movies, games, software, and more. The website has switched several domains in the past due to legal issues and is currently operating as

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4. 1337X


1337x torrent site provides access to a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, and eBooks. However, the platform has been subjected to various legal actions in the past and thus is blocked in several countries. claims that users don’t require any VPN to download torrent links. However, it is recommended to use a VPN while downloading a torrent.

5. YTS


YTS torrent site allows users to download movies in various video-streaming qualities. The site is well-known for its fast download speeds and small file sizes. It has been subject to various lawsuits in recent years, but it is still one of the most popular torrent sites, having millions of visitors per day. Therefore, it is recommended to use a VPN when torrenting to protect your online privacy.

6. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents | KickAss Torrent Alternatives

LimeTorrents is a popular torrent website that links you to other websites hosting your desired file. It is popular among millions of users for its efficient customer service. LimeTorrents relies on peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing for redistributing content. The site has a dedicated section of verified torrents, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to download all sorts of content.

7. Zooqle


Zooqle torrent site offers verified files for download, which means that users have little to no chance of obtaining a virus into their device. Malware is among the risks associated with using Zooqle and some countries have blocked it to prevent the NSFW content. Zooqle requires some knowledge of operating systems and programming from the users, as it is primarily used by advanced Linux users.

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8. Cpasbien


Cpasbien is a torrent website that provides a platform for users to download a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, music, and software. It is known for its vast collection of French content and offers a significant amount of English-language material. Cpasbien has been around for several years and it is a popular destination for those looking to download content for free.

9. | KickAss Torrent Alternatives is a cloud-based torrent client that allows you to download and stream torrents safely and anonymously on any device. It runs smoothly in a web browser, so there is no need to download any program. The communication between Bitport and the users is encrypted by SSL encryption, and it provides strong encryption and servers in more than 21 locations for users’ safety. Bitport offers a free plan with limitations, including 1 torrent per 24 hours and 1 GB storage capacity. Bitport also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. qBittorrent


qBittorrent is an open-source torrent client that can be used to download and share files using the BitTorrent protocol making it one of the best Kickass torrent alternatives. It is available for various operating systems, including Mac and Linux, and has features such as speed control, magnet link support, and torrent search. You are recommended to use a firewall when using BitTorrent to ensure that the torrent app can only communicate with Tor.

11. Vuze


Vuze BitTorrent client includes a built-in torrent search and Web Remote to manage torrent downloads from a remote location. Searching for and downloading torrent files is simple on Vuze, and the minimalist UI is an excellent example of simplicity. Although there are some ads on the site they are not overbearing and do not distract user experience. By subscribing to Vuze Plus you can get rid of ads.

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12. Deluge

Deluge | KickAss Torrent Alternatives

Deluge is an open-source peer-to-peer client relying on libtorrent library. It is a free, ad-free, and lightweight torrent client that provides good functionality and excellent customization options for users. Deluge is known for its impressive collection of plug-ins, and some of its prominent features like the ability to import IP blocklists, assign labels to torrents, limit bandwidth, display graphs, and shut down the computer after downloads are completed.

13. Frostwire


Frostwire is a free, open-source torrent and cloud video downloader having a built-in search and music player. The site has been in development for years and is committed to providing the cleanest user experience. Frostwire is popular because of its clean intuitive interface and ad-free experience and has been among the favorite peer-to-peer file-sharing app.

14. TorLock


TorLock torrent website allows you to download various types of content such as movies, games, and software. It has a vast collection of verified torrents and fast download speeds and is specially designed to be non-detectable and non-traceable, providing a secure and private way to download content. There is a unique system on the website to verify the authenticity of torrents which ensures that users download high-quality content only.

15. Academic Torrents

Academic Torrents | KickAss Torrent Alternatives

Academic Torrents are for sharing academic research data and publications. It is a non-detectable and non-traceable way to share research data. The platform is built on the BitTorrent protocol, which allows you to download and upload files without being tracked. Academic Torrents are used mostly by researchers, students, and academics to share data and research papers and thus it is useful for researchers who need access to large datasets but cannot afford to purchase them.

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The era of relying on torrents is changing rapidly. These free alternatives provide digital content in bulk and also prioritize user experience, security, and convenience. With their innovative approaches and offerings, they empower users to explore the digital realm in new ways.

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