Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

LiveLeak, founded in 2006, redefined media by hosting violent and frightful footage. From videos about murder and terrorism to footage of everyday crime and violence. The website is also defined as a video-sharing site that lets its users post brutal footage. Apart from such devastating videos, LiveLeak also covered some other genres and themes, including celebrity gossip, sports, and politics, making it a scandalous platform for viewers who like graphic and disturbing material. The site has also been said to promote freedom of speech for its non-biased belief in specific issues. We have gathered down some best alternatives that will help you look into similar content as LiveLeak. So, let us get started with our list of substitutes right away to fill in your inner beast with some brutal content.

Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

Although the site’s notorious popularity made it one of its kind, it got banned after almost 15 years in 2021. The reason behind the shutdown of the site remains vague but is obvious, from the hair-raising beheading video of a famous U.S. journalist James Foley to sensitive topics like Panorama. Also, a lot of video topics triggered the sentiments of many which eventually led to the site’s ban. Since the site’s ban, freak show lovers have been hunting for best LiveLeak alternatives. If you are someone looking for the same information, then you have come to the right place.

1. YouTube


YouTube is a primary and one of best LiveLeak alternatives when it comes to genre and multiple themes. From music videos, how-to guides, and movies to recipe videos, the platform is filled with entertainment. Just like LiveLeak, viewers can watch extreme and macabre content on YouTube too. However, because of this reason, YouTube account users need to be 18+ years of age and 13+ with parental consent. However, it is not important to make an account on YouTube, you can watch the content you are interested in without any account as well.

  • YouTube is a world-famous online video-sharing platform that allows users to upload videos, make their own channels, view & share videos.
  • It also provides an additional comment feature which is extremely grateful for the reach of a video.
  • The platform can be accessed on multiple platforms including mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and any other internet-compatible device.

2. Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

The next platform in the list of substitutes for LiveLeak is Xfinity Video. It is one of the best to watch news videos from major channels including CNN, ABC news, and more. Apart from this, you can also enjoy videos about entertainment, sports, business, lifestyle, etc.

  • Xfinity received popularity after the ban of LiveLeak because of the never-ending content and no censorship of legalized content.
  • The platform is known for its distinguished categorized structure for videos that lets users browse the content they are looking for quite easily.
  • Xfinity demands an account on it which helps you to sign in and watch preferable videos without any interference.

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3. PeerTube


Another one of best LiveLeak alternatives is PeerTube, with a name almost similar to YouTube. It is a free video streaming platform that is decentralized and federated, unlike YouTube which centralizes users’ data and attention.

  • PeerTube is an open-source platform that was created in 2015.
  • It consists of videos, similar to the format of YouTube, with aspects covering language, category, privacy, title, date of publication, number of views, author, and more.
  • Videos on PeerTube are well organized according to their popularity, trend, and location, making it quite easy for viewers to find preferable content.

4. Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality twitter page

Note: Leaked Reality is currently blocked or disabled due to legal issues. You can visit the Twitter page to know the status of the website.

Leaked Reality is one of the best sites that serve as an alternative to LiveLeak. To make it easy on the viewers, the website Leaked Reality has categorized videos according to Most recent, Public, Private, Most Commented, and more. The website, just like LiveLeak is enough to fulfill your desire of watching spine-chilling content from all over the world.

  • The site has some excellent content when it comes to graphic videos.
  • The categories covered under this site include crime, robbery, accidents, cops, robbery, the latest news, military, politics, nature, religion, and more of such content with gruesome acts.
  • It has indeed become a fast-growing platform after LiveLeak because of its claims of having the largest collection of leaked videos that can be streamed anywhere around the world.
  • However, it is to be noted that Leaked Reality has been considered shady because of the global outage for some time now. Apart from it, it has been a great alternative to LiveLeak.

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5. Odysee


Sites like LiveLeak include another name in the list, Odysee. It is a new open-source video-sharing site that supports freedom of speech. The platform is decentralized and is based on solving problems with blockchain technology.

  • It is a great alternative to YouTube where users can even upload videos on their channel for viewers to watch and share.
  • As it is an open-source website, the data that is uploaded on it remains secure and transparent.
  • For this reason, the site is used by almost 8.7 billion users worldwide according to a recent beta testing.
  • While a lot of violent content is banned on the site, it still remains a popular name when it comes to streaming entertaining videos online.

6. Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail Online. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

The next alternative for LiveLeak is Daily Mail Online. Although the site is filled with videos of different genres, it lacks the feel of LiveLeak.

  • It streams trending videos, news videos, showbiz content, sports videos, science stuff, and other entertaining content that is preferred by a huge audience.
  • It is, however, a worth-a-try substitute for LiveLeak as it showcases all the trendy, rumoured, and viral content online.

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7. EngageMedia


LiveLeak alternatives also include EngageMedia, which is a non-profit, Asian-Pacific website. The site was co-founded in 2005 by Anna Helme and Andrew Lowenthal with a motive to create social change with the help of environmental and human rights videos.

  • The website is an open-source and free software platform.
  • It streams videos covering topics like digital rights and social issues.
  • It aims at strengthening the knowledge of users about open & secure technologies, developing networks & platforms for digital rights, and bringing change at the social, cultural, and public policy levels.

8. DTube

DTube. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

Decentralized Tube, also known as DTube streams trending videos and also enables adult content in the main panel of the site. DTube is a reputed and favourable site over LiveLeak which requires an account to view content uploaded to it.

  • DTube is another decentralized video sharing platform that is based on a network operating on the blockchain.
  • The idea behind this website are votes that are given by viewers on the videos to reward the curators.
  • As the data uploaded on the site is safe & secure, it is a better fit for creators than YouTube.
  • The site is not subject to any limitations and has exquisite videos trending on it.
  • Being an open-source platform, it operates on the Steem blockchain where rewards are paid in cryptocurrency.

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9. Ebaum’s World

Ebaum World

If you are looking for best LiveLeak alternatives then Ebaum’s World is a must-name. If you are looking for a great time on a video site then you would definitely want to sneak a look at it.

  • The website has all-things-gory including shocking movie videos that make brutal content viewers go back to it.
  • This excellent alternative also streams funny videos from all around the world, making it an entertaining site.
  • The categories that are usually covered on-site include funny memes, viral videos, news events, scary videos, and a lot more horrid stuff that LiveLeak viewers would prefer.
  • Ebaum’s World is a fun site to explore because of the unusual variety of videos that you can find in it.

10. Vimeo

Vimeo. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

Vimeo is another video-sharing platform where members can view and upload videos. The website was founded in 2004 by Anjali Sud that also allows members to make creative changes to videos that enhance them and add music to the video too.

  • The site offers free services as well as paid ones that allow control over how videos appear on the internet.
  • Vimeo is an easy-to-use video website just like YouTube where you can upload a video, watch it, save it, comment on it, like it, share it, and many more things that you can do.
  • With a great fan base already, the site is growing in popularity, making it an engaging community.

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11. Veoh


If you are someone looking for sites like LiveLeak for some good quality videos while keeping the entertainment bar high, Veoh is the place for you. Even though the site does not contain as much graphic content as LiveLeak. It still can be extremely helpful in killing your boredom, thanks to the wide range of variety provided by the platform.

  • Veoh makes it possible for viewers to choose their preferred category for the videos they want to watch.
  • Their category includes video content such as comedy, travel, cartoon, anime, culture, news, and more.
  • These videos can be easily streamed on various devices, like mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and iPads. Also, unlike most other sites, viewers on Veoh can also watch movies and episodes at full length.

12. AOL Video

AOL Video. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

AOL Video is a similar video-sharing website to LiveLeak in terms of content. Viewers can stream videos of their choice without the need for a sign-up.

  • The website is known as a one-stop for all video lovers who love to binge-watch on YouTube.
  • Along with videos, AOL Video also serves its viewers with movies, user-created content, and TV shows.
  • With over 14000 videos, it is set to achieve its much-needed popularity.
  • It can be easily streamed on portable devices with the internet.
  • This well-organized site consists of networks like FOX, MTV, and History Channel, providing diverse content to watch.

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13. BitChute


BitChute is a video hosting service that was launched in 2017 and is growing in popularity for its characteristic focus on video content. If you are someone looking for LiveLeak alternatives, then you would surely like BitChute as it is known for accommodating conspiracy theorists and hate speech.

  • It is a peer-to-peer video sharing platform with a motive to put people and free speech first.
  • The site is quite controversial for the hate speech on the platform, owing to which the producers of the site have been banned from other platforms, including YouTube.
  • All in all, this disputable site can be your next favorite after LiveLeak, if you are into questionable content.

14. OMG News

OMG News

Just like its name, OMG News is indeed going to give you some awe-inspiring news. The website consists of some insane videos that will blow your mind.

  • From providing tricks to warning parents about their children, the site has a bizarre collection of videos that a curious mind will surely love.
  • The main aim of the website is to create a factor of amazement and surprise for the viewers, which it does with great perfection.
  • If you are a controversial person and like the kind of videos that leave your mind full of curiosity, then OMG News is for you.

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15. Dailymotion

Dailymotion. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

Best LiveLeak alternatives list cannot be complete without mentioning Dailymotion. Dailymotion is a world-famous video-sharing platform that streams videos related to sports, music, entertainment, and music. The site was created in 2005 and has been serving users as an easy platform for users to download, share, and create videos.

  • It has been rated as the second most watched video platform and is also one of the biggest competitors of YouTube.
  • The site consists of high-quality videos and pictures which are freshly updated every day.
  • Multiple categories that are covered in Dailymotion include music, comedy, sports, cartoon, news, politics, live streams, and many others. So, get set going with one of the most famous video platforms of all time.

16. Rumble


Rumble is yet another video platform that can be a substitute for LiveLeak. The platform founded in October 2013, is popular among American users.

  • The content on the site is arranged chronologically to let users choose their preferred video with ease.
  • With fewer restrictions, users can create and upload content on Rumble.
  • As the website claims, it only promotes free speech and no other kind of misinformation or conspiracy theories.
  • Any video content containing pornography or bullying does not pass-through the editorial review process of Rumble.
  • While uploading videos on the site, users can also earn profit in the form of money from Rumble. So, along with being an entertainment site, it definitely serves an all-in-one purpose for video addicts.

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17. ItemFix


The next one on the list of sites like LiveLeak is ItemFix, which has taken over LiveLeak like a glove. The website is for extreme video lovers who love short clips containing some entertaining content.

  • Unlike LiveLeak, users are banned from uploading gory and excessively violent videos on the platform.
  • It consists of random and fun videos that serve as a great pastime.
  • Apart from it, the site also consists of videos that involve issues within a country.
  • After LiveLeak shut down, it redirected users to ItemFix for its reliable and reasonably loading content.

18. YouPHPTube

YouPHPTube. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

YouPHPTube is a free solution that is available for everyone to download videos. It is one of the rare complete systems that consists of complete online video streaming, videos on-demand, and live casting.

  • This open-source website is free for everyone online where users can create and upload videos.
  • It is written in PHP and allows users to download and encode videos from other sites.
  • Streaming live videos for free is now easily possible with YouPHPTube.

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19. Streamtape


LiveLeak alternatives can’t be named without Streamtape. Streamtape is a video sharing service that offers unlimited storage and bandwidth to its users.

  • If you want to experience fast and unlimited downloading speed, Streamtape is an easy-handling site for you.
  • Not only can you download, but you can also upload, share, stream, and monetize videos.
  • Unlike other sites, you can also find adult content on it.
  • With an easy user panel, the site also provides great subtitle support in multiple languages.
  • Along with being a money-making site, it is a great platform to share videos with anyone in the world.

20. FreeSpeech Tube

FreeSpeechTube. Top 20 Best Alternatives to LiveLeak

The last one on the list of alternatives that are present online for LiveLeak is FreeSpeechTube.

  • FreeSpeech Tube is a non-partisan video sharing platform that focuses on free speech, just like its name represents.
  • For people who are keen on breaking a taboo or publicly sharing controversial ideas or opinions, then FreeSpeech Tube is a perfect place.
  • With no allowance for graphic violence on the site, it offers a great variety of videos for users.


LiveLeak was a website known worldwide for its graphic content and some gruesome videos that would give an eerie feeling to users. Even though many people found the site derogatory for many reasons, one of which is uncensored content, others found it quite bewitching. Now that the site is banned, LiveLeak viewers often find themselves looking for a perfect website that can entertain them in odd ways just like LiveLeak. We hope that our guide helped you with LiveLeak alternatives and you were able to find yourself a suitable site that you can be obsessed with. You can leave your queries and suggestions, if any, in the comments section below.

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