TikTok Creative Challenge Introduces Innovative Monetization Feature for Creators

In an exciting move, TikTok has introduced an innovative monetization feature to empower creators and offer them new avenues to earn money on the platform. The newly announced TikTok Creative Challenge is set to revolutionize monetization by providing creators with the opportunity to submit video ads for brand challenges, with earnings based on the performance of their videos.

TikTok Introduces Innovative Monetization Feature for Creators

Enrolling in the TikTok Creative Challenge

With TikTok Creative Challenge, creators can unleash their creativity and submit their high-quality, well-edited, and original video ads. Upon submission and approval, creators gain access to real-time insights, tracking the status of their submissions, monitoring performance, and checking their monthly earnings. Rewards are determined by various factors, including qualified video views, clicks, and conversions. Should revisions be necessary, creators receive notifications, giving them the option to revise or appeal their submissions.

It’s important to note that submitted videos won’t be displayed on the creator’s profile. However, once reviewed and approved, these videos seamlessly run as ads on the For You Feed, reaching a wide audience.


To be eligible for the Creative Challenge, creators must be at least 18 years old and possess a US-based account with a minimum of 50,000 followers. As always, community safety is paramount, and all videos submitted for the Creative Challenge must adhere to our Community Guidelines.

Access to Mentor Program

Enrolling in the TikTok Creative Challenge also grants creators access to a range of valuable resources. They can join a dedicated Creator Community group and participate in the Mentor Program, connecting with fellow creators to share knowledge, exchange insights, and be rewarded.

Helping brands leverage original content

TikTok Creative Challenge offers brands a scalable and effective solution for performance advertising campaigns. By creating a challenge on the platform, advertisers receive up to 30 ad creatives within 10 days, specifically tailored for the TikTok audience and developed by creators who truly understand the community.

Currently, in testing with select brands, TikTok will continue to refine and enhance the program based on community feedback. With a range of innovative additions such as the Artist Impact Program, TikTok enables brands to authentically engage with the community and discover emerging creators through various advertising solutions. To explore the different ways creators can monetize and earn rewards on TikTok, including Series, Creativity Program Beta, Pulse, and LIVE Subscription, visit the Creator Portal.

Source: TikTok Newsroom

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