TikTok and Unilever Team Up for Global #CleanTok™ Initiative in 10 Countries

TikTok and Unilever team up for the global #CleanTok™ initiative in 10 countries. Uniting the dynamic TikTok community and the innovative products of Unilever, the #CleanTok™ movement has transformed cleaning into an entertaining genre on TikTok, inspiring users with life-changing hacks, professional tips, and product recommendations. #CleanTok™ will revolutionize the way we approach cleaning like the way TikTok revolutionized the music industry with TikTok’s Artist Impact Program.

TikTok and Unilever Team Up for Global #CleanTok™ Initiative in 10 Countries

Co-Creating Engaging Content

TikTok, Unilever, Gravity Road, and Mindshare will collaborate to curate and co-create captivating content for cleaning enthusiasts worldwide. Over 40 weeks, the partnership will introduce various engaging initiatives to elevate the cleaning experience and celebrate the #CleanTok™ community.

  • Sunday Reset – This series of content showcases different individuals tackling their weekly chores with ease, providing inspiration and motivation for a fresh start to the week.
  • Cleaning Conundrum – It highlights the best and most entertaining cleaning hacks and tricks, all neatly packaged in TikTok videos, making the process of turning a grimy home into a gleaming one enjoyable and accessible.
  • Festival of Cleaning – The Festival is a six-week editorial series featuring top creator-generated cleaning content tailored to the UK’s #CleanTok™ community. It taps into big cleaning moments and local trends, engaging users with exciting and informative videos.
  • The #CleanTok™ Awards – The #CleanTok™ Awards recognize and elevate the most engaging, helpful, and entertaining #CleanTok™ content and creators within the global community. This celebration honors the creativity and contribution of individuals who have made cleaning content so beloved on TikTok.

Influential Creators Leading the Way

To kick off the #CleanTok™ partnership, popular creators such as @HomewithAziza, @Cleaning_at83, and @Cleanpedia_UK will collaborate with TikTok and Unilever. These influential creators, with their expertise and creativity, will inspire and engage users with their unique perspectives on cleaning.

The Dedicated #CleanTok™ Hub

To streamline the experience, a dedicated #CleanTok™ hub will be launched within the TikTok app just like the Mental Health Awareness Hub set up by TikTok to promote positive mental well-being. This hub will serve as the central destination for users to explore all things cleaning, providing a cohesive space to discover fresh content and connect with the #CleanTok™ community.

Excitement and Vision

Khartoon Weiss, Head of Global Agencies and Accounts at TikTok, expressed excitement about creating a space that celebrates the #CleanTok™ community and facilitates entertaining and educational content. Eduardo Campanella, Home Care Chief Marketing Officer at Unilever, highlighted the emotional attachment people have to their homes and the satisfaction derived from using the right cleaning products. Unilever aims to inspire and educate young audiences who are passionate about cleaning.

With this collaboration, TikTok and Unilever are revolutionizing the cleaning industry by leveraging the scale and diversity of the TikTok platform to engage a global audience as they team up for the initiative in 10 countries for #CleanTok™. The partnership seeks to bring joy, usefulness, and entertainment to the #CleanTok™ community, making cleaning a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

Source: TikTok Newsroom

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