TikTok Adds Dedicated Video Feeds for Sports Fashion Gaming and Food

As a part of its recent update, the short video-creating and sharing social media platform TikTok silently surprised its users when they discovered the addition of brand-new topic feeds to its homepage alongside its current Following and For You sections. To elaborate, TikTok adds Dedicated Video Feeds for Sports, Fashion, Gaming and Food and users can already see that on their app. That means oscillating between these feeds can enable users to view content from the category he or she wants to explore and engage in, without having to run a dedicated search for it.

TikTok Adds Dedicated Video Feeds for Sports Fashion Gaming and Food

  • The updated additions made to the design of TikTok turn it more appealing with an improved user-friendly UI.
  • It sorts it better now for people to scroll through the exact type of content they like to watch or are looking for at that particular time.
  • Needless to say, the current Following and For You tabs are clustered and push randomized videos from multiple genres while the user scrolls. After the update, if one loves watching gameplay and game-specific content, he or she can do that through the gaming feed. Similarly, if fashion fascinates you, you can swipe your fingers over the Fashion feed, and trust us no one will judge you. Not even the algorithm.

It can be anything you can imagine, such as a transition video or food microblogging. It can be an expression of rage or the delight of celebration. There is no specific mood that sets right and alerts users about the content he or she is about to watch. Rather, one would scroll and have to settle and watch whatever the algorithm decides. Assuming a hypothetical situation where perhaps a user might be overwhelmed by the loneliness that surrounds but still would have to get a glimpse of a romantic proposal video played on TikTok, we mean meh excrementitious.  

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Despite the fact that we were still able to search for hashtags or specific videos within the app, the addition of updated feeds makes the experience smooth and clean. An open door is easier than searching for a key and unlocking it. Essentially, this makes the app more unique and behaves in a more organized fashion. We can also look at it from the other point of view, where users would deny the crowd influx over the app’s homepage.

With the new update, TikTok hopes to extend its user base to more defined creators who love to create and audiences who love to watch certain types of videos. It appears that the move is a response to its arch-rival YouTube, which already offers multiple categorized sections to allow users to watch content they are particularly interested in, such as gaming, music, or comedy podcasts. Now we know where inspiration comes from.

YouTube home with categories highlighted | TikTok Adds Dedicated Video Feeds for Sports Fashion Gaming and Food

As of now, we are not sure if these are the only four categories that TikTok will stick with or if they have plans to introduce more of them in the future. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. Enhancements are always a pleasurable experience for users. Once they get used to the app operating in user-specific mode, there is no turning back.

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